Sunday, May 31, 2009

One more sneak!

here you go! one more preview! i just finished all the shooting today! i love that black waistband skirt.. please keep out! and also that black floral print sun dress.. ok let me get back to work now. goodnite!
you girls have a fantastic sunday tmr! i am ready to go back to yoga after about 15 days of yoga-less days.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kyurii New Arrival preview

and more to come! stay tuned.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

see you again soon, london!

hello girls from lamma. i am back. on my way back, i saw half a rainbow behind some clouds against the luminuous blue sky in the early hours of the morning, from the plane. it was absolutely breathtaking. and what a beautiful way to end the trip. thank you london. thank you deva, miten and manose for the beautiful experience. you completely opened our hearts, to ourselves.

my lovely alfresco sushi lunch at green park with the rest of london. feels like the whole london is out coz its such delightful weather.
he is fat yeah! and he is a poser and he loves those chestnuts from lamma. haha
nothing to do, decide to go to embankment to be entertained by the buskers.

she is my inspiration. i watched her paint for quite a long time.. she is lost in her world. when she has enough contribution from the crowd, she goes buy coffee. i am going to start painting myself real soon. been talking for ages about it since i was back in nepal last oct. about time..

we have a similar skirt like this coming up! stay tuned. she looks so sweet...
another sunny day at brick lane!
whole london is out again.

i love it! its about 8plus at night.. still so bright! long summer days...

my map haha..

last nite in london, dinner at basuba. haha my very comical brother. this is his typical after dinner pose, he said.

london feels like a 4th home to me, after hongkong and singapore and nepal. i like the familiarity i feel there. a melting pot for every nationality. everyone thinks everyone else is a local. i was asked so many times for direction. actually its true, the song we used to sing 'it's a small world after all'. it is. every time i travel, i feel it.
thank you to everyone i met in london, so many people in deva's workshop whose names i do not know but we connected. also to my brother's lovely housemates, alfredo, cute italian guy studying physics, jeremy handsome english guy who jumped into my bed and said he wanted to sleep with me! haha he is drunk and he is gay. and also his partner, basha and his brother, rupert. all lovely people but please guys! get your landlord to fix your bathroom lights!!! i bathed under a candle light for 9 freaking days! yes i know alfredo, its romantic but still... haha. last nite i was home, i was so grateful for the light in my own bathroom.
also to manose, thank you. we'll see each other sometime somewhere. i realised i did not take photos with any of you. its alright. everyone is in my heart. thank you girls for reading and being part of my life.

Monday, May 25, 2009


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Sunday, May 24, 2009

hottest day of the year in britain today

wow its another lovely day here! a very nice 23 degree. the nicest weather i ever had in all my trips to the uk. oh last nite concert was superb, i wish it could go on for another hour. 2 and a half hour is just too short. but anyhow i am so happy that i finally got to see deval premal live in concert and see manose play the bansuri. oh he is so so good. i love the sound of the bansuri. the concert started with 3 oms.... it just hit me, the energy was so strong. followed by the gayatri mantra, it was magic. chanting the gayatri mantra with hundreds of audience together in the chapel was amazing. the vibration after each chant was so strong, i felt my pulse so clearly. i duno how to describe it in words. i now look forward to the chanting session next monday. full day voice workshop 11-5pm. cool! whatever merit there is when i am chanting these sanskrit mantras next mon, i will be dedicating it to you and every sentient being in the world, for our hearts to be filled with love, joy and peace.
ok i am going to brick lane now and then to the park. see you!

Friday, May 22, 2009


hello girls! how are you? guess what time really flies! KYURII TURNED 3 THIS MONTH! and yes, what better to do than to have an anniversary sale! YES! ANNIVERSARY SALE! starts next mon. items up to 70% discount! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT AND INSPIRATION! this is specially for you! love you all!
p.s. meanwhile have a fantastic weekend! and remember to tune in 9am next monday!

a very green day

i cant believe how good the weather is today. most of the time when i was in london in the past, its grey and gloomy. the sky is so blue today! yet another lovely day! well, today is orientation day for me. my brother showed me the way to the horticultural hall, the venue for the deval premal chanting workshop i am attending next mon. walking there from soho. takes aprox 30mins (slow and casual walk). starting from soho to picadilly circus... to green park in my green maxi dress yeah! wanted to wear my new green sandals. haha..

then walk across buckingham palace. better double check on my map. yes we are heading the right direction... stop and pose. haha.. down buckingham palace gate road. yeah! just collected my ticket. ooh a little tired but enjoying the sun...
all ready for the mind spirit and body festival in london and the concert this saturday! i am feeling it! i am ready to 'om....'
2 lovely messages for the day. : )
walked back to st james park. yes i fed the squirrels. i love the light!
p.s. maxi dress up in the next launch. I LOVE IT!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

sleep and eat and take it easy...

good morning! today i won the sleeping marathon. haha... my brother woke up first. he said to me this morning 'wow we can really sleep.' i said of coz. i just woke up, its 11:18am now. sleep and eat, thats what i need now. (yes dark circles, bad. heehee)
anyway, hey here are my personal favourites of this week!

perfect weather today!

was at soho square waiting for my brother. it's just so nice to sit in the garden with the brits eating their lunch. the weather is perfect today. the sun is shining. walked from soho to carnaby street to bond street to mount street to oxford st. went to luella bartley, marc jacobs (bought a cheap backpack), martin margiela, liberty, stella mccartney.. i want one of those inflatable dinosaurs from the display window for my house.

yeah! green! i bought a pair of green sandals!
dun really know where to go or what i want to do tmr.. but i do know what i am going to wear. hehe the new green kyurii maxi dress. well, i am going to take it easy. nothing planned. nothing touristy for me. i just want to do every day things. ok i am going to bed now. have a great day ahead girls!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kyurii New Arrivals launch time

hello girls! i just woke up..... i had such a wonderful sleep last nite. what a fantastic sleep i had. i much needed it. OK girls! we are launching at 10pm tonite! please click on NEW IN at later tonite! ENJOY! its 5:46am here in london. i am so hungry, i am so ready for my full vegetarian breakfast at the breakfast club.
last note, before i go. here it is! for those who were asking us about this inner dress. also this cute little high waist dress, my favourite this batch, don't miss it ok! just have to show it to you first!