Sunday, September 20, 2009

good morning world

its about 6:25am now over here. my favourite time of the day actually, its just that i am not always up this early to be with it. the birds are calling. i just saw a toad hopping around downstairs. everything seems soft now. the light, the sounds, the activtities of the creatures maybe becos the human beings are still asleep. i love the silence. ooh the air is so fresh. there is a huge tree outside which has sweet smelling flowers, i can smell the fragrance. a couple of spotted neck pigeons flew across the balcony. i wonder when the red-whiskered bulbul birds will be back. those with the spiky hairdo and red cheeks. i havent seen them for a while now, i think they migrate south during winter. i googled some time ago to learn that they are native to india. check this out:

''In 1960, 5-10 red-whiskered bulbuls, originally from Calcutta, India, escaped from captivity at the Miami Rare Bird Farm and established themselves in a suburban area in the southern fringes of Miami, Florida.'' haha what a lovely story. i like it. their next generation are what we would call, american born indians. this also exists in the bird world. cool.

i can see some dragon flies and some dark clouds. i hope it doesnt rain today as we are having a kirtan this afternoon at the roof.


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