Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Backorder items for this week!

hey girls, these are the items which are available for backorder! please quickly email to leekeng if you like them. thank you.
0334-010 slash neck cap-sleeve top 0328-010 front ruching detail pencil skirt 0324-010 stretchable skinny jeans
0323-010 brushstroke print dress and 0332-010 tulip drape dress are completely sold out. sorry.
p.s. the cats seem to really like this house. they settle in really quickly. this evening as i sat in the patio drawing, tessy came out and walked round the patio. but i really need to get a dehumidifier soon. the floor is always damp. the humidity is really high and especially on the ground floor. i also need to get my working table set up soon, my shoulder and neck are aching real bad...
oh so much to do! yes! loving every minute! and i am flying off next thur to delhi then to dharamsala to see my teachers (to get blessing before i start thangka school officially in nepal in june). oh i miss them dearly.

oh! btw, kim (my 'see jie' just called from nepal, she got 3rd place in the graduating final year exam! yeah! congratulations!) oh i wish i was there to see ang babu and chimme graduate! but i really couldnt find time becos of the move. oh haha jerome from france is wearing the traditional tibetan man chuba. oh this photo exudes such good energy, looking at it i feel such joy! first place goes to ani karma yeshe, a nun from philippines. second place goes to monk sonam from tibet. kim has set the standard really high for laypeople especially for us foreigners. oh i hope i can be the next formally trained non-tibetan thangka artist (6 years later! haha..) and help preserve in which ever little way i can of this 'karma gadri' style of thangka which is facing extinction. there is only a handful of people who are trained in tibetan art especially foreigners. i must work hard.

yeah i will meet up with kim in dharamsala next fri. she will fly from kathmandu and we will be off to see the HH the karmapa on the 11th and maybe talk about paintings!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Updates on new items!

hey girls, leekeng just told me some of the items are sold out. i am going down tomorrow morning to try to get backorders. therefore for those who couldnt manage to get what you want online today, please email leekeng and let her know. we will try to get them for you! here are the sold out items. and yes, we are selling the white weaved belt i wore in this launch (see below pix right top). heehee sorry girls, i forgot to do the layout for it. please email leekeng if you would like to get one. limited qty. its the same price as the other new belts at S$14.90. thank you. layout coming up soon.
extra stocks are also in for our best selling summer belt haha!

you have to try this dress with this dark brown leather corset belt S$14.90 very very good price for a corset belt! haha..

a meaningful quote for the week

''If you have a sense of caring for others, you will manifest a kind of inner strength in spite of your own difficulties and problems. With this strength, your own problems will seem less significant and bothersome to you. By going beyond your own problems and taking care of others, you gain inner strength, self-confidence, courage, and a greater sense of calm.'' - HH the 14th Dalai Lama.

Monday, March 29, 2010


hello girls, oh i want to go through some of these items with you.. but i am too exhausted now. my neck and wrist and back.. whole body aching as my work table is not set up yet. haha... ok goodnite. i will talk to you again soon. tomorrow evening. need to run errands in the day. goodnite girls. enjoy the new launch at the new house ok! hugs!

all these NEW ITEMS will be up tomorrow morning on WWW.KYURII.COM so dont forget to check them out first thing tomorrow (before you start work. hehe..)

what a lovely morning!

tessy is doing his morning prostration on his favourite pink cushion (but facing the clock?!?! haha) black kitty is watching sogyal rinpoche's teaching on youtube. haha.. while B&W is resting after reading about padmasanbhava's crazy wisdom. haha.. and i am chanting while shooting. i love chanting in this house becos there is echo. haha...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

yes yes, you may pre-order this new dress by emailing to leekeng. 0322-010 leather corset belt selling fast this one! there will be NEW ARRIVALS coming up this tuesday! check them out at WWW.KYURII.COM

p.s hey girls you will be seeing some new backgrounds for our 'what i wear today' layouts. this is taken along my new route to the pier. hehe... i like this damaged wicker sofa.. makes quite a nice background yah...

i moved in smoothly!!

this is taken on moving day. i already dumped or gave away many stuff but it seems like i still have quite a lot... well after all its been 10 years in hk. the movers lined up all the stuff waiting for the VV (the only vehicle you can find on lamma island, used for transporting goods). at the new place! spacious living room for shooting! yeah! haha tessy and the other 2 cats are loving this place. i am surprised how quickly they settle in. tessy even went round the patio to sniff it out. i can sit here and paint, facing the beautiful trees. this is the patio at the side. shifted the bbq pit edwina bought here, so that we can hang a hammock at the front porch. the evening light... i need to get used to this house. it is much more open than my previous one. any of my guests can open the gate themselves (sometimes i dun hear them opening) and then they suddenly appeared at the sliding door (like the man who delivered gas to the house yesterday! ah!) haha.. i had better be properly dressed all the time. every house has its own character. yesterday and today when i came back from the village, i saw my neighbour's dog coming out of the house. haha.. as if he is my dog coming to the gate to greet me. he is so cute. his name is 'koo koo'. haha.. i feel i am to experience living with openness and complete trust in this house. one with the insects. one with the trees. one with the sky. one with everyone. i feel this is an open but very grounded house (thats good). becos its on the ground floor with lots of big trees around (the roots help to pull the energy downwards when one gets too airy fairy. haha my own theory). staying open and flexible but grounded with strong principles. this is a very important spiritual practise for me. and yes of coz, the prayer flags are up! yeah so happy! it makes such a difference to the house. i feel this house is totally protected and blessed. like there is an auspicious aura surrounding this space. i am so lucky to have them blessed by thrangu rinpoche. i have to personally say thank you to him when he comes to hk end of next month. and flying in the wind, bringing blessings to all of you in singapore... and everyone everywhere! i am having a housewarming plus yanyan's birthday party this fri! all the guests can then write their names on the blessed flags. i have written mine down already. it is guru rinpoche mantra printed on the flags which help to remove obstacles that hinder us towards the path to enlightenment. hee.. may all of you reading now, receive the blessings too. ok i am going to take an early night tonite and start shooting tomorrow for the new launch coming up this tuesday! love to all...

Friday, March 26, 2010

i wish i only have one backpack of stuff

i am at my new house now... i am sooooo tired... moving is really stressful. packing and unpacking and fixing all the nitty gritty stuff.... i think i want to skip dinner tonite too and sleep instead. goodnite.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one last pose!

hey girls, to express gratitude to this house (which has been a great space to work in and great energy and provided us with a lot of good backgrounds to shoot with, oh and of coz a wonderful wonderful rooftop to do my painting! ) and to celebrate my move to another house in lamma, we are giving special discounts off our very recent items! 25MAR HOUSE MOVING SALE WWW.KYURII.COM starts tomorrow morning!

p.s. btw 25mar (thur) is an extremely good day according to the tibetan calendar. its an auspicious and wish-fulfiling day, so maybe you like to make a little wish (a good wish that will benefit everyone would surely come true! hee). it is a wind-wind element day which is extremely beneficial for spiritual pursuits and traveling, allowing you to quickly attain your goals. haha its also my life number day, i am a no.7! 2+5=7! haha

ok i will talk to you again real soon from the new house once my internet is up! hugs.. have fun on this auspicious day! haha..


hey girls! i am moving tomorrow! in conjunction with that, we are having a little 'farewell house!' promotion tomorrow! to express our gratitude to this wonderful house that has given me so much peace and joy. discount will be given on many many items that were shot in my house, let us all take one last look at the beautiful backgrounds this house has provided for kyurii. : )

oh i am packing whole day today.. as i see the house getting emptier and emptier. impermanence is truly a reality. nothing in this life lasts. everything changes wih the passing moment.

also, there is no inherent existence in things, in what we call 'I'. we are all empty of inherent existence. today i exist as the 'owner' of this house. tomorrow i am 'guest' of this house. (this house is rented to my friend's friends who will take over tomorrow). last weekend i existed as the 'tenant' of the house giving a farewell party to my friends, next weekend i will exist as a 'guest' invited to this house for a housewarming party. haha.. therefore the 'i' is 'empty' of any identity but at the same, it is 'everything'.

'only by things being empty
can things be possible at all.' - nagarjuna.

'the presence of space makes it possible for the whole universe to set out within it, and yet this does not alter or condition space in any way. although rainbows appear in the sky, they do not make any difference to the sky; it is simply that the sky makes the appearance of rainbow possible. phenomena adorn emptiness, but never corrupts it.' - 'the heart of compassion' a commentary on the 37 practises of the bodhisatva by HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

so beautiful... great great book. i am reading the book a second time.

thank you house for this little but extremely valuable glimpse of 'emptiness' ('shunyata' - its my favourite buddhism topic). i still have a lot to learn, investigate, explore and then practise in my life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kyurii item update!

hey girls i forgot to include this dress in the preview! haha... this photo really makes me like the colour combination of lime green and purple, and a bit of yellow and grey.
OK! please go check it out in details at WWW.KYURII.COM now together with the newly launched coloured tank tops!

hope in your heart

morning everyone.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kyurii Preview! and Pre-order!

hey girls, ok here is the dress! i love the colours. so summery.. and since i am moving this week, so very busy! we will do a small basic launch of a very practical item to have in our wardrobe - tank tops! this is one of our best selling items. this summer, we got some new colours: coral, jade!
lime green! i think its a great colour for spring and summer! so fresh! same colour as my windmill. haha and light grey! OK 4 new colours to choose from this summer! i love the coral one best hee.. besides that, for the colours which were sold out earlier, we also got them in! purple, white and charcoal. ok just discussed with leekeng, we will do a special 2 for S$28 price for these tanks! the usual price is $16 each. now you save S$2 each. hee.... thank you! all these items will be up by tomorrow morning! dont miss them!

OK! as for today! these new belts (S$14.90 each) are just launched! sorry this brown one is already sold out. i just called to try to get extra stocks in.
thats it for today! have a great week ahead! hugs!

oops forgot to mention the BASIC LAST PC PROMOTION too many things on my mind... ok need to go show the maid the new house to do a thorough detox and then catch the ferry to catch the backorders then immediately come back to pack... woah... haha... see you!