Tuesday, February 27, 2007

whats coming up for kyurii spring!!

and oh forgot to tell you girls that i got some cute little items from H&M amsterdam, which we hope to share with you on kyurii real soon! i got a lot of inspiration from this trip for the coming collection! actually i can't wait to get back to hk and start working on them! just to give you a little hint of whats coming up... flowers are blooming, therefore we are going pastels! i am totally in love with the soft yellow, pale green. inspired by my favourite drink here, mint tea and a slice of waffle. oooh.... and oh i bought a pair of white skinny from h&m for my spring wardrobe! and loads of accessories. i just can't wait to wear them, but first i need to get back to asia first, as its freaking cold here. its only 5 degree today. and i am getting really tired of wearing the same old jackets (i only bought 2 for this trip)! hahaha...

second last day

today i went to rotterdam, an hour away from amsterdam. saw some really cool architecture. love the cube houses best! can you believe it, that it is built 23 years ago? and still it looks so amazingly modern! no. 70 is open to public. me at the top (third) floor, which is a small living area. the house is soooooo cool. i love how the cubes look like they are falling on you when you stare up at them. me getting lost again.

Monday, February 26, 2007


me trying to figure out which way to go. always getting lost this trip. haha. bernard, owner of a vintage shop that we shopped at in brussels, and after some chatting, he invited us to his party at ghent. hehe. but we didnt have enough time. hoiming and baldwin in front of the grote markt (big market). nice idea! visited the atomium, which was built by engineer andré waterkeyn for the international exhibition of brussels way back in 1958. amazing!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


the antwerp hands. chocolates come in the shape of antwerp hands too. i really dunno what is this antwerp hands thing. ok i just googled it. According to a legend, a terrible giant, called Druoon Antigoon who lived on the banks of the river Scheldt in ancient times and he will chop off the hands of sailors who refused to pay toll to him. then a roman soldier, silvius brabo, managed to kill the giant and cut off the hand of the giant and threw the hand away in the river. according to the legend, the name of the city: hand (Engl.: hand) -werpen (Engl.: to throw). therefore the 'hand' is the symbol of antwerp. oh whatever.. but a very charming little old city.

fries, mussels, and beer. traditional belgium food. we got really sick of fries after 5 days in belgium. this is the yummy lunch i had in antwerp before rushing off to the train station for brussels.
knotted trees getting ready to bloom in spring.

day 5,6,7,8

i am back in amsterdam, after 5 days in belgium with hoiming and baldwin, my friends from hong kong who are currently living in london. we visited antwerp, brussels and ghent. dead tired... after days of walking. i need to get some good rest today and then continue exploring the rest of amsterdam tomorrow! bought a few really cool vintage pieces from antwerp at really cheap prices! and of coz check out the stores of the famous antwerp six designers. outside ann demeulemeester store in antwerp. my favourite of the six. but f**king expensive. martin margiela store in brussells. ring the bell before you enter! even the calculator the sales girl is using is painted white. the mineral water dispenser is fitted with a white cloth, just like the circuit board outside the store. COOL. for kym, look at the cat's face. hahaha!

Monday, February 19, 2007

for you.. ar!!

day 3

the day before yesterday, we went to den haag, about an hour away from amsterdam to have dinner at yew kee's friend, alvin's place. chequita (alvin's gf) cooked us a sumptuous chinese dinner, we had prawns with garlic, lup cheong with some chinese vege, cabbage soup wih fish stomach, tofu with chicken and beef... yew kee had 3 servings of rice! i had a really good time. after dinner, we watched 'x factor' which is like the dutch version of american idol. the red tulips look really gorgeous! they are so cheap.. i have to buy a lot of them and put them in the house before i go!
this is the beach at den haag. me and yew kee at the madurodam, the miniature netherlands (which is also at den hagg) before going for dinner. to eirma, i took photos for you! you should bring khairul there if you have the chance, i am sure you will love it!

day 4

gong hey fatt choi! everyone! this morning to feel a little more chinese new year, i went to see the windmills! haha! in hk, they go to the temples to turn the windmills to have better luck. so i went to zaanse schans, its about 15 mins from amsterdam. 6 windmills there, went up into one which is call 'The Kat' (cat in dutch) and at the ticket booth, there is literally a cute little black cat there greeting the visitors. one thing i wish i did, was to go there earlier, later in the afternoon, more and more tourists arrive.. ah......
i feel so good today! i did not get lost! i am beginning to know my way around, how to walk to the train station from yew kee's place and walking around without looking at the map feels really really great! to kym, this is where i was when you called. ar. hehe. funny.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

day 2

yesterday i had a great day exploring the city by the canal cruise. the weather was great! and it has been since i arrived. feel really blessed. its just a beautiful beautiful little city, i love the quaint little houses by the gracht (which means canal in dutch). everyone is different, and in theh olden days, they were not numbered, and are recognisable soley by their appearance (the colours, the carvings on the wall). i also went to check out the van gogh museum, which holds about 200 of his paintings. i love the park outside the museum, i can't remember the name. but its really cool big space, with many kids ice skating on the ice ring, and dogs running freely in the park, people sitting on the benches or grass enjoying a relaxing moment.

this is the huge park outside the van gogh museum. no one to take photos for me.. so had to rely on the timer.
today we are going Den Haagg which is an hour away frm amsterdam, to have reunion dinner with yew kee's asian friends. we have to make dessert. and now its already about 10am! after this email, i should go wash up! and ready to go! see you!
photo of the day: i just love the bare trees..

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hello from amsterdam!

ater a nearly 4hr flight from hk to singapore, followed by a 13hr flight, i am finally in amsterdam yesterday! the weather was fantastic, the sun is out, its about 5 degree. not as cold as i was expecting! thi is yew kee'e 400yo house in jordan. the stairs are so steep you cant believe it! and the walls are slanting! look at that.
it is now about 830am now, and i am ready to check out the city. yesterday i took a walk around and nearly got lost, haha when kym called, i was trying to find my way back to yew kee's house. the spelling is crazy over, i mean the names of the streets everything in dutch.. and when they speak, they sound like they are abou to spit something out! so many GRRRRRAAAAAAT, and straat which is street. dog's poo and canals everywhere.. and bikes and tulips. its the tulips season. i want to exlore on bike too. Alright! i need to go wash up! and go out!!! talk later!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Sneak preview for FEB B! for FEB B, we bring in splashes of colours across a wide range of dresses! orange, yellow, red, cyan with pink, red with brown! you name it! we are loving the bright colours! Clothes will be up on the wardrobe tomorrow!
Also, this is our last selection of clothes before we take a 2-week break! and return with a brand new look in march! we wish you all happy valentine's and happy chinese new year! have fun with the clothes! see you soon!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

my current favourite model,

olya ivanisevic. born in belgrade, serbia & montenegro. oh she looks so good!! I WANT HER HAIR!!!!!!!!!! today i did one whole day of shooting. so damn tired now. started at 12noon and just ended at 5:45pm. then i had tea, then i went on style.com to check out the fall collections. derek lam is out. i quite like it. and then i start to do this montage of olya. i love montages. then now i think i am going to not do anything for a bit.
oh i am looking forward to my trip, i leave next wed on valentine's day (mm.. so i will only have lunch with kym that day). therefore this coming launch before cny is our last batch of clothes for feb before our BREAK! oh i can't wait! but now i need to do the layouts for feb b! watch out!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MORE Kyurii News!

NEW STOCKS are also in for the white printed belt top!
now also available in black! check out kyurii wardrobe for more photos.

Special Kyurii News!

STOCKS ARE IN! for the quilted sling cum clutch. for those who didn't manage to get it on the first round, please email leekeng! final call.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Preview for Kyurii Feb A!

'hi girls! after a crazy busy week, we finally made it this weekend! here are some of our thots for FEB A to share with you. we want to do a special cny selection, however not based on the usual reds. we wanted a colour palette that can last through the entire spring (as red is almost out for now). we also wanted the clothes to NOT be 'i-bought-this-specially-for-cny-and-i-won't-wear-it-anymore' type of clothes. therefore after flipping through the fashion mags, we decided to go ahead and do a trendy yet practical 'blue and a little yellow' palette that will take you through the whole of spring!'

p.s. however the only disappointing thing is, we can't find any nice yellow pieces that meet our very high aesthetic standard. hehe. but if you come across any, do give it a second look. as asians, we are quite afraid of yellow becos of our skin tone, however with the right touch (add more pinkish tone to your make up, instead of the earthy tones), yellow might just rock!
finally, we hope in some ways, we have inspired you on your next outfit! have fun exploring the 2 colours!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

why must it always be red?

ah! since i came back, i feel so tired... and sleepy all the time. maybe its becos of the cold weather, i want to hibernate. but i cant! i have so many deadlines to meet! ah! ah! ah! now we are rushing for the next batch of clothes, just to let you guys know a little about the coming stuff. we love yellow and blue! we are not doing the cliche red for chinese new year thingy. BORING! i see so much red in far east! my gosh. of course, there will be some red stuff, but red will not be the main theme. why must it be red for every cny?
this spring, we want to add yellow and blue (aquamarine to be specific) to our wardrobe! i bought a yellow tank-top and a chunky blue beaded necklace (from topshop) this trip! now i can't wait for it to get warmer! photo from vogue uk feb issue.

'IT' bag

when i was coming back to hk, i saw one of these on the luggage conveyor belt at the airport. this rafia bag (call 'hong bak lam' in hk, that is red, white, blue' in cantonese) is the inspiration for the latest louis vuitton east west shopper. the brandless one costs like 5hkd for a small one, which is 1 sin dollar. while this LV one is made of woven leather, costs 1300pounds and above. being from advertising, i can't help but think of how bloody important branding is. this is really a damn good example of how far you can go if your branding is successful. anything you put your brand to, will be turned into gold. anyway. this morning, i had my nonya rice dumpling from singapore for breakfast! ooohh... so happy.
p.s. oh yeah H&M is coming to hong kong!!