Friday, September 18, 2009

i enjoy sweeping leaves

today is roof top day. oh i really enjoy myself being under the sun, sweeping and tidying up the place and unwrapping all my new plants. but i must say my 9 years experience as an art director was tested today... how to arrange the plants! it is tough.. i realized i bought too many of the same height, now i need some shorter ones. and also of a different kind of leaves would be nice maybe some flowering plants would be good. haha..and i definitely need more wine crates and maybe a few more bricks or something rustic looking.. an old wooden low rise reactnagular table or an old rattan chair would be great.. haha.. oh check out my mini banana tree at that corner..
i am also going to get a few huge canned food.. i want the silver tin cans to turn them into pots. one of those china luncheon meat cans would be nice with the wrapper on. haha.. but i dun eat that. maybe those canned peaches would do.
hehe check out the very big limes or are they lemons the girl said.. i cant remember.
i moved mr frangipani to the other side where he can enjoy the blue sky, and i bought miss bougainvilla to keep him company. oh what a nice match. haha..
today is also laundry day. i did 3 rounds already. i think after blogging i want to do one more round for the yoga clothes. all the pillows and cushions are happy to come out and get a bit of sun after the typhoon.
exhausted... it would be nice to have some iced milo now. you girls have a lovely relaxing weekend. take it easy!


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