Monday, July 31, 2006

chloe A/W 2006

i just checked out the autumn/winter collections of two designers, phoebe philo (for chloe) and marc by marc jacobs. different shades of grey and blues. today i want to share chloe A/W collection with you (will talk about marc later). i really love it! (but really expensive). phoebe philo has to be my idol! she is the creative director of chloe (stella mccartney used to be the creative director before starting her own line, so pheobe stepped up to take her role). phoebe graduated from central st. martins, like many designers. born in paris in 1973 and grew up in the suburb of london. she was invited to paris to be stella mccartney's partner less than a year after her graduation. please take a look at chloe's fall collection! it has to be my favourite brand for autumn winter! all photos are from

for more information on chloe, please visit

blue sky white clouds..

what a great looking day today! today in hong kong, its blue sky and white clouds!! its such a rare sight over here. my weekend was great. more scouting around for new clothes, taking photographs for the new batch of clothes, painted my nails deep blood red, went for my favourite sushi place, went for a local celeb concert last night, and also bought a new pair of bikini and a pair of gold flip flops! i am ready for the beach (a little too late though, its already aug). oh well, it will still be hot for a couple more months.

Friday, July 28, 2006

KYURII Special Announcement!!

some of you may know that i came back from tokyo last month, and i bought quite a lot of cute accesssories, which both leekeng and i really love! after some discussion, we decide to put them on auction to share with you guys! they will be up next monday! for one day only!! meanwhile, have fun this weekend!

grey grey grey

really seems like it will be a grey and gloomy fall approaching... last night after my japanese class, kym and i went window shopping at I.T, a store that carries designers brands (next time you visit HK, please go to I.T, there are a couple in causeway bay, i like the one at paterson st. and the one at sino plaza best) they carry designers brands like hussein chalayan, maison martin margiela, chloe, sunao kuwahara, gomme, jessica ogden, tsumori chisato, eley kishimoto, cacharel, ann demeulemeester, comme des garcons and many many more.
wanted to check out the fall collection. really seems like the designers are into a dark and gloomy fall/winter. a lot of different shades of grey, light shimmery silvery grey, warm charcoal grey, cool bluish grey.. blue is also prominent, midnight blue, dark sinister blue, very very light frosty blue. attached a clipping from vogue uk here. grey is the colour. will share more on fall trend these few weeks.
double click to see a bigger picture.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

shall i cut my fringe?

was reading august elle (uk edition). want to share a little about hair and make up. i gave my hair a super side parting today. haha looks alright, but my fringe makes my right eye a little itchy. am thinking if i should cut my fringe. mm... still thinking.

haha then i tried to give my eyes a little thicker eye line this morning, but decided not to be too dramatic, not on a work day. but i do love the smoky eyes look. according to elle, the smoky eyes inspiration came when the older and more established models started wearing it, therefore causing the kate moss smoky eye look to make a comeback. sexy rocknroll look! i think it will look even better as teh weather gets cooler.

first sign of fall: leggings!

Quoted from (from uk)
July 21, 2006 - Is it a Top or a Dress?
''Yes, like or not, leggings will be (and already are) here. What we noticed was this interesting choice in length. If you add these to your wardrobe, you have choices too... wear with leggings, wear with jeans, or simply wear as a dress (multi-purpose at it's best).''
today i wore leggings under my short denim skirt. combined with the polka dotted halter neck top and the cropped black top, which we are selling now. and with my red flats! haha.
are leggings common in singapore? maybe its too hot! leggings have always been around in japan, and here too, its very often you see girls in leggings. but i like the way sienna miller wears hers here (see picture on the right)! leggings on its own, no skirt no dress! cool! take a look. took this from PS, japanese fashion magazine.
also love this leggings under dress look!
currently we also have a short striped dress (check it out: which enable you to get these two looks! wear it with leggings or without! enjoy! alright! lets put on some leggings!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KYURII NEWS: August part 1 is out!

hello girls! our new stuff are uploaded on ebay and yahoo auctions already! please take a look! (just search for 'kyurii') for this month, we selected light colour pieces, like grey, beige and white which looks cool in this hot hot weather! layering is still major in our styling in this batch of clothes. at the same time, we also have some fun graphic style tops! and more stocks to replace some sold out items.
here's a preview for you!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

phew! better late than never...

hurray! the new clothes have arrived in singapore safely! for one moment, we thought the parcel was lost! from hong kong, the postman told me it takes a maximum of 2 working days, but its the 4th day today already and leekeng has not recieved anything yet! just checked with the singapore post, the parcel has arrived! its just that when they delivered the parcel to leekeng's house and no one was at home, they didn't leave a note behind for her. mm..... but anyway, at least its not lost.

Monday, July 24, 2006

my favourite wardrobe colours now

fall is approaching. the trends for summer are slowing down. nautical stripes has been huge, followed by the 'blue, white and red'. black and white is still going to be around in fall. great! 'animal prints' are emerging, leopard or zebra prints, making a comeback. i remembered seeing a lot of leopard print ballerina shoes and bags last year. personally, i am not such a big fan of animal prints, unless it is matched well with something else. read somewhere tha 'leggings' are also seen a lot in uk, sienna miller has been wearing them! haha. i like her style. i have some pictures of her which i will show you this week and talk a little more about leggings!
for today, i did a montage of my favourite colours now. biege, white, off white, grey with a little touch of silver or gold, and a tint of black.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

a little about kyurii...

some friends have been asking us more about kyurii. so i just want to take this opportunity to write a little about ourselves. leekeng (my ex-secondary school mate, my good good buddy! btw, we are from TKGS! anyone out there also a TK gal?) and i started kyurii because we love shopping and fashion! we also feel the lack of varieties and choices in clothes back in singapore. i am based in hong kong and leekeng is in singapore. i buy the clothes from hk and whenever i go to japan or korea. every 3 months, leekeng pays me a visit and we will go scouting together! initially, we started only with buying clothes for close friends. then one day, out of the blue, we decided to do it more seriously and started Kyurii. since then, it has been a GREAT JOY and experience for us! we hope to offer to our fellow singaporeans one more choice when it comes to shopping for clothes!!
p.s. to candice regarding your question, i am now with clipperasia, a japanese adv agency, before that i was in ogilvy and tbwa. (almost 6 years in hk!). are you in advertising too?

Thursday, July 20, 2006

shopping day tomorrow!

yippe its friday today! which means tomorrow is shopping day for me! every saturday, i would be scouting around for interesting and trendy clothes... it has been most satisfying when i see something that i reckon is cool and it happens that some of you out there also like it! right now, we are busy compiling our next batch of clothes which should be up on the 26th! each month, we will upload two batches of clothes, on the 26th and around the 15th. so look out for these dates!
some friends have asked us why some items are sold out very quickly, we are really sorry for this. each time we buy, we only buy limited pieces. well, just to let you guys know in advance, the ruffle dress which was sold out earlier this month (see photo), we have managed to get a few more pieces! they will be sold on the 26th of this month! so watch out!
ruffle dress, back by popular demand.

Monday, July 17, 2006

wall talk

beginning to miss japan... one of the things i love most in tokyo is what i see on the walls.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

sneaking out

been so busy at work... ah! so much i want to share with you guys but have to wait till next week to be a little less busy to blog more. fashion week this week in hong kong, haha i sneaked out of the office to pay a quick visit on tuesday. and also to attend a trend prediction seminar hosted by WGSN (a london based trend forecast company) used by many fashion designers. very interesting. they say: 'black and white is still in! but evolving to broader stripes and diagonal stripes!' cool cool!
then i sneaked out again yesterday to take a breath of fresh air (more of polluted air!) and ended up buying this pair of cute earrings. see i work in causeway bay.. and am practically surrounded by shops! anything from hi-fashion to street fashion. from very expensive stuff to this pair of cheap earrings. a little nautical touch. red accessories again! i really need to stop buying red accessories. ok i need to get back to work now. see you later!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

thank you all

we just want to say a big thank you to all of you out there who have been reading our blogs and supporting kyurii. we have been receiving great support. its a huge encouragment for both leekeng and i. we will continue to do our best to look for trendy and interesting clothes for you!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


RED WHITE AND BLUE or black. our second batch of clothes are up! its a gradual transformation from the nautical trend, with the introduction of RED! red is getting prominent now! i love to combine red accessories with black & white strippes! i think it really helps bring out the whole look! (check out some call it the 'american girls' style! (check out mm... i am not really into the american flag, but i do have to say that i like the combination of red white and blue, or black. its rather hard to find a nice deep blue item, so sometimes i will combine the white and red with black instead. browse through the new stuff at now!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Thursday, July 06, 2006

the harajuku girls

last sunday it was drizzling in harajuku, yet the harajuku girls were there with their umbrellas. posing for their photographs to be taken by tourists and photograohers from fashion magazines. i really admire the time and effort they take to dress up every weekend. its a joy to watch them.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

summer in tokyo

here are some photos i took in this trip. funny thing is after i took the photos, i then realized that many things in the photos are monotone, like the black and white graffiti on the wall, the black and white cat we saw, kym had his black and white 'sukaru' (means skull, which is everywhere now in japan) tshirt, and i had my black and white stripped tank top with grey culottes etc.. and pink is the other colour i kept seeing in this trip (the harajuku girls, most of them are in pink, the sale pig icon of parco 'depato' (which means department store in japanese) the huge pink wall i saw at near limi feu store in daikanyama....


meaning i am back (in japanese). got back last nite. it was a great trip! 3 days is just too short. the sales in tokyo is GREAT! always good! seems like everyone is out shopping and buying on july 1st! (the other japan sale date is jan 1st, you dun want to miss that either) major big brands like marc jacobs, marni, tsumori chisato, comme de garcons, yohji yamamoto, undercover etc are also on sale. and its straightaway down to 40% or 50% for 9 days (most shops end their sale on 9 july, usually by the third day, the good stuff will be gone!) i shall write more later.... now back to work.
more on the current tokyo fashion scene coming up! stay tuned.