Friday, July 31, 2009

Kyurii mini sale @ Zouk this sunday!

hello! good news! we are throwing a mini sale to thank all our friends/customers this sunday! also, this limited quantity faded denim shoulder bag will be on sale at zouk, if you like our previous quilted shoulder bags, that one in grey, brown and black, you may like this one in casual denim. usual price: S$69. zouk price: S$55.

tank tops going at S$9, S$12 and dresses at S$19! okok.. enough of these sales talk... haha... if you have the time and no plans for sunday, then maybe drop by and say hi.

have a fantastic weekend ahead! i am off on a buying trip in the afternoon then kirtan with valeria and kit, oh its like my once-a-month karaoke session. tomorrow is work day for me and then going for a bbq party to kind of farewell rachel, who is leaving for singapore. haha certainly doesnt feel like a farewell for me coz i know i am going to see her a lot when i am back home. and i will be home soon! talk soon. xxx.

to daphne

hey girl, got your message regarding the dark grey legging. yes we will be getting more in! we actually have quite a bit of requests for it, so we intend to get all the colours in. i am catching the 1:45pm ferry out to get them. thanks and you have a fantastic weekend ahead. remember to maybe drop by zouk and visit the kyurii store if you are free this sunday! : )

Kyurii This Week!

go to NEW IN at and see all the new items!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kyurii: that green ethnic tube top

hi there, hey yes the ethnic print chiffon tube top i wore on the ferry is one of our past items. you may check it out at SKIRTS and see it in detail.

what do you see from your window?

in the midst of this crazy work week day, here's a beautiful short film i want to share with you. i love it. its so moving.
to those in advertising, it is a cannes lion winner 2009. shot by publicis mojo in melbourne, location is around flinders station.. very near my university.
love inspires... so do you see any cute guy in the opposite building? haha....

to codlings

hey codlings, thanks i got your comment. i just checked with leekeng, we still have one last pc of dark blue skinny left! you may go to our BEST SELLING ITEMS category and check it all! thanks and have a nice day!
p.s. thanks natalie! hahaha leekeng just told me you helped spot the zouk date mistake for us. hugs!

Kyurii@Zouk this sunday!

sorry i made a mistake earlier. kyurii will be at zouk this sunday, not saturday. we are currently preparing a MINI SALE specially for you at zouk. all our existing customers get 20% off many items! so make a date with us this sunday! more on the event coming up soon... stay tuned!

club81@lamma ladies night tonite

hahaha... girls, you know my house is no.81 yah.. and becos my neighbour downstairs, this european guy who also has a home office, he is always blasting some techno house music at 9am and i am blasting some yoga music or chants. i have decided to call my house club81@lamma. around 4pm, sometimes he will start to wind down with some cafe del mar chillout and i will have some buddha or indian lounge on. i feel this house is like a club, different levels for different music experience. 2nd floor: house techno. 3rd floor: new age. haha! funny!

ok talking about clubs.. WE'LL BE AT ZOUK THIS SATURDAY! please make a date with us! we have a special bag to be launched then! look out for preview soon!

after the successful healing party last sunday, tonite is club81@lamma ladies night. margie, our very own resident yoga teacher will lead us in a yet another session of laughter yoga, followed by our house specialty: the amazing 'magical unicorns' reading (marge bought me this stack of cards like those angel cards where you shuffle and ask for a message). kara will join us for dinner tonite.

one sleeps with head up, one with his hands over his face. they are trying to get as much rest as they can now, for tonite they will have to endure some wierd behaviour from the human beings again.. haha. especially the loud laughter from crazy margie... tessy loves marge, the b&w one is getting immuned to it, the youngest black kitty is still stressed and always hides upstairs.

p.s. mm... when i have time i should do a really cool looking sign for club81@lamma and stick it downstairs.

to belle

hey belle, i just got your message from leekeng. i got my little tibetan singing bowl from the nepal. i just love the sound of the 'ding ding ding' when i hit it lightly... very peaceful. anyhow you have a wonderful day ahead! hugs, suyin : )

Kyurii: the skinny jeans!

hey girls! today i want to touch a bit on the coloured jeans! it is, to me one of the best items i found becos of its price and also becos its super comfortable and stretchable. its a kind of luxury yah to have a range of skinny jeans in different colours. haha... this is the latest colour we got in. a very nice easy-to-match pale warm grey!
backorders are now available for this pale yellow and green ones. don't miss them!
and for those who like a darker shade, there are also navy blue and purple. any other colour any requests? let me know! : )

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


go now to NEW IN at and see all these new items in details. be quick!
love this cute little sun dress with the little red belt. last 2 maxi dresses for the summer from kyurii!

yes i have this thing for tie n dye.. haha.. fading colour thing.. and pink makes me happy! oh dont miss this ruffled neckline tee, comes in black and white. match with a high waisted pencil skirt, put on a nice belt, then a jacket over! dress it up in a sec! i want to do it but i cant find my pencil skirt! you try it!

yeah! tie n dye again.. and pink again. i like it with the pale grey skinny jeans! reminds me of the colours of the pink sky at sunset last week..
a very simple one-piece for days when you just want to be sweet and quiet. yes...
i love the rich purple and orange! grab it if you like. last of the maxi dresses from summer 09!

alright! i am taking the 2:30pm ferry out for my power1 class. i shall see you later. enjoy the rest of the day!

Kyurii: the very comfortable legging in black!

hey girls, yes some of you asked about the black leggings. it is updated on! you may order it straight from the website. thanks a lot!

Kyurii Take a peek!

good morning girls!!!
they will be up in a few hours time! stay close in tuned!
talk more later!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

first half done!

ooh its a wrap for this week's shoot! woohoo! flat.. oh i need to lie down for a bit.. tired i duno why.... hahaha... i lie down to look at the beautiful sky above us all.... my cat is lying down too... they really enjoy napping under the warm sun every afternoon. when i look at them, i feel so happy. alright let me make myself a nice cup of tea and do i have some biscuits? scones would be nice. i miss london a teeny weeny bit.
alright you girls have a lovely relaxing evening ahead. i would be doing the layouts... long nite ahead! yeah!!!! hope to get them up tmr!

slight delay

hi girls, thanks for asking. the launch will be slightly delayed this week. hope to get it up by tomorrow! will let you know soon! thank you for asking.

love to all......

thank you to all mothers out there

today lets do a little dedication with today's blog, to all mothers out there. i am inspired by the cd which my friends gave me. Daphne Tse's Mata. its chant music. i have been chanting 'saraswati mata' whole day yesterday. i just find it so moving and liberating. i found a video of the kirtan. share with you.

'om shree saraswati namaha om mata'

Saraswati (pronounced as [sə.rəs.ʋə.t̪iː]; Sanskrit: सरस्वती, sarasvatī; Thai: สุรัสวดี Sarasawatee; Japanese:弁才天/ 弁財天 Benzaiten) is the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. and 'mata' means mother in sanskrit. i really enjoy chanting. when i chant mantras, i find it really uplifting and fills my heart with gratitude. i believe when we chant, the energy flows. and we can send love and light out to the universe when we chant from our hearts. its like singing gospel you know.. i love that too. going to church and singing with everyone. its the same thing to me. its connecting with people, connecting with our inner self through sound.

oh well, basically its just singing which is already such a beautiful thing. singing from your heart..... please enjoy and maybe think of your mother, or yourself if you are a mother. listen with gentleness, gratitude, love or forgiveness. how so not easy it is to be a mother.

i am looking forward to the once-a-month kirtan this friday at pure central with my yoga buddies. : )
for those who like to know a bit more about chanting, click here to read more.

Monday, July 27, 2009

another simple but lovely day...

this afternoon, i was trying to shoot the henna on my hand to show you, but my 'healed' cat kept getting in the way. haha but i really love how the photos turned out to be.. his head in the foreground then walking towards me. he is so adorable! can you recognise this top? haha... i purposely digged it out cos i thought the print goes well with my ethnic henna look! haha... mm but this is not a very flattering shot of him, showing his ass... hole... hahahaha..
ok now for a good shot of the henna. i added a bit more pattern and an 'om' sign to it... i think i will do more tmr morning.
also let me show you how i tan my legs on the ferry.. hehe... usually not many people sit outside in the afternoon coz its too hot. so i always do this! haha... i love ferry rides! listening to my favourite music, looking up at the clouds.. the sky.. the sea.. the birds.. the planes... the huge container ships... and tanning my leg and sometimes singing my fav chant out loud....
p.s. to valeria, thanks for the cd! i love the 'mata' (meaning mother in sanskrit) chant. i feel a lot for it. i also love the first song! its so uplifting! thanks to jac too.

a night i will remember..

last nite club81@lamma first ever 'experimental energy healing' party was a total success! featuring leeching, our visiting healer (cum dearest friend) from LA who works as a cranio-sacral massage therapist, working on kit, while club81 very own resident 'soon to be' reiki master, jac working on valeria in the background. haha.... we had a blast! party starts with a wonderful indian dinner, carefully planned by our master 'half an authentic indian' chef, kit! her boyfriend is from india. menu: cucumber raita, chapati, tomato paneer, butter chicken, aloo gobi, stir fry vege... and mango lassi. the best i have ever had! flying chapati made from scratch! hats off to kit! after dinner, 'soon to be' reiki master jac trying out my teeny weeny tibetan bowl.... seriously we are pretty amazed at the sound vibrations from the singing bowl....
and then trying the crytal... haha... i look like i am a skeptic but i do believe in energy. chi, prana, lifeforce (whatever you want to call it).... i believe in its infinite possibilities when we aligned ourselves with it.
going through the different chakras with the crystal in our body. even cats need some energy healing. seriously he seems to enjoy it a lot. didnt fidget at all. haha.... cool.
the best 'patient' award goes to valeria, who is always so open, happy and fun to be with!
kit and i doing henna at the side. its lovely! thanks kit.
i feel so happy to have a group of friends with a lot of dedication towards the spiritual side of life, be it yoga, reiki or cooking... kit said cooking is a form of meditation for her. which is so true. we are all unique and different and beautiful in our own ways. we all have our own ways to connect with our inner self. there is no one way or a better way.
i feel blessed. thanks girls. and thanks to leeching, i am glad you stayed over and we had that wonderful chat and brunch. i shall see you in LA next year. peace, joy and love to all.

Friday, July 24, 2009

soft pink sky

the sky at sunset today is absolutely gorgeous today. we took the favourite 6:40pm ferry home and saw the sun setting as the ferry heads towards lamma. we decide to sit at the pier to watch the changing shades of the sky..... soft pink, purple, indigo.... the colours are so soft.. melts our hearts... having a little fun with our powerful yogini arms again... haha...
yes more of our signature poses..
getting a little emotional at this moment... sigh..... life is actually so simple when we flow with the cycle of nature. when the sun rises, the sun will have to set, when a flower blooms, it will have to wilt. the bittersweetness of these fleeting moments in life stirs up so much emotions deep within the heart, that cannot be verbalised.... may we all flow through each moment of our lives with grace and harmony, like a leaf on a tree going through the seasons.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Backorders: TUBE DRESS and FLOWER TEE!

GOOD NEWS!! this morning, i went on a buying trip and miraculously, i got extra stocks for the colourful happy tube dress! this dress is actually an exclusive 'tailor made' item for a big japanese client and my dearest supplier has secretly put aside a few more pieces for me!!! oh i am so happy!

also, this white flower tee is also available for backorder! please email leekeng about it if you are interested. first come first served. thank you!
i have told leekeng about it, i think she would soon update it on! watch out for it!

oh i had such a lovely day today. after buying, i went for yoga. after class, my yoga buddies and i continued on with our own 'laughter yoga' over some brownie and coffee. our tea lasted 3 and half hours (ended at 9:30pm when we suddenly feel hungry and went for dinner haha!) its amazing how much emotions are released when you put 5 yoginis together! the laughter, tears, sadness, gratitude, just pure joy of being able to spend time with a bunch of friends you feel so comfortable with, and more importantly, friends who allow you to be yourself totally. i feel blessed. these are the moments that i would always remember from my life. thank you miss rachel, miss momo, miss miranda and miss harriet.