Saturday, September 19, 2009

cheese and organic beer under the stars...

to see the close up, please click here 'change your mind' tee . my friend, evelyn really loves this tee too. leekeng, maybe we can send one back to hk for her.

this is dear miss evelyn victoria aston from the united kingdom. haha.... can you tell she is a teacher? oh i really like her. she is someone whom i can share a lot with. yes and also the one who went for a wind walk during typhoon no.8. haha... organic beer and red wine making the yoginis a bit drunk...
margie is so hungry still after the vege pasta and apple crumbles, she ate my bread.. leaving one last slice for me for breakfast tomorrow. haha... poor thing. she taught too many hot class this week, making her so hungry.
margie took like 5 shots of me with the wine, but none is sharp. argh...
things start to get a little wild... haha.. oh its so nice to have some close girlfriends here in lamma with me.


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