Thursday, July 31, 2008

08BAS 28 will be up soon!

hi there, for those asking for the pink strap tank top i wore in 08JUL C. it comes in 3 colours: charcoal, grey and white! here is it, you will be able to find them under NEW IN! in the leekeng is uploading now. give her some time.

what inspired us!

i was flipping through elle july (us edition) 2 weeks ago and this 'denim vest long skirt' look really caught my attention. i am not really into the 100% head to toe feminine look but recently i really love long skirts (maybe becos of all this yoga thing i am into, i am really liking the hippie bohe look. hehe). so when i saw this edgy look with a long skirt, i just love it! therefore i went around looking for a nice cropped denim vest and did this look with a tie dye skirt/dress. for those who like to make it a little more edgy, can match with a pair of converse (like shown in elle). if not, it will look just as good with your gladiator sandals! have fun!

Kyurii 08JUL D up!

this week, we are turning hippies. check out the full collection at KYURII.COM now! enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

whats coming up?

hi girls, this week we are turning hippies! haha! ok let me go out and grab some lunch now. need a break! talk later!

Monday, July 28, 2008

super hot day

hi girls, i have been really busy these few days. what about you guys? there is so much to do. its always the case before i leave for singapore. ok back to work. working on the new launch which will be up this wednesday!
p.s. to fairydust, i will let leekeng know and she will reply you once she is back on wed. thank you.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

here i come!

i got my ticket today! i am really going to nepal in oct! i am really doing my solo retreat to nepal!
you know there are things where you thought about, and they just sort of remain in the back of your head, and floats up from time to time. well, making a solo spiritual 'what-is-the-meaning-of-life?' trip is one of those things for me. it had been incubating itself since i quit my full time job end of 2006. and in a funny way, one step leads to another and it seems like its happening this year. AND IT IS! yesterday when i transferred the money for my air ticket to the travel agent, i was still kind of in a dreamy state. it wasnt till i received my e-ticket today and it reads: 7 OCT HONG KONG - KATHMANDU that i felt, OMG I AM REALLY DOING IT! haha! well, this is not my first solo trip (i did my first solo to the uk in 2000) and this is also not my first trip to nepal (i did that with my ex-TP mates in 1994 i think). i am afraid of travelling alone, but more of the fear (exciting fear, not so much of scary fear) in the unknown. becos this time, i am taking a meditation course for 10days. yes, will be staying in a monastery, in a dorm with 3 other females from different parts of the world, eating vegetarian meals, waking up at 5:30am everyday, observing a half day silence, listening to some westerner monk/nun talk about 'emptiness'. i have never done this before. will i be able to complete it without going nuts? mm... what have i gotten myself into! haha!
i am just so so so curious to find out how i will react, behave, feel, and think, and just watch myself. this would be fun, really fun. more of the unknown within me will be emerging. i am getting really good at throwing myself into the unknown (patting myself on the back) : )
ok everyone, lets exercise throwing ourselves out of our comfort zone today! if there is something you've been thinking of doing but there is some kind of unexplained fear lurking from within, think no more and do that thing! and watch the entire event unfold. when its over, i am sure you will be surprised of how easy it was. and you have one more beautiful, memorable(regardless of how it turns out to be becos we hold no expectations) chapter to be included in your already perfect life. lets remind ourselves to express gratitude to this life (energy) we are given, for us to be able to do the things we want to do. the energy to exercise, to eat, to sleep, to walk, to travel, to work and make a living. (oops, i am sounding like my yoga teacher each time he ends a class, he would always remind us of stuff like that.) have a BEAUTIFUL evening ahead and a good night sleep. namaste.

sadie rocks!

oh i am so happy to find this clip tonite! have to blog about it. i love sadie nardini's yoga clips. they offer so much insights that you may not be able to get in a group class. i find them so helpful! and what great timing, she just posted this one on headstand. just what i need now. i need to engage my core. navel in! navel navel navel! oh she made it look sooooo easy. i am going to visualise myself doing headstand before i sleep later. hahaha it does help.
to yogis and yoginis out there, you may want to check her out at youtube. maybe i should also do a rock n roll mudra (hand gesture) in class tomorrow. haha. peace.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

go green! help sophie plants more trees

hi girls! are you using less plastic bags and more of our bag? haha : ) well, we hope you are. we are trying to plant as many trees as we can. every S$5 from the tote, will go to 'Plant-A-Tree' programme with singapore environment council. if you are interested in helping, we would greatly appreciate it.
p.s. oh you may be interested to check out the other green celebrities from ELLE .
p.s. to a customer who wrote in about the prices, thank you for your comment. we will take note of the feedback. : )

i am a wild beginner

hello girls! good morning! another warm day here. am pretty excited about being home next month. and what good timing, i just discovered that there will be an inversion workshop and a wildlotus beginner workshop led by patrick creelman at pure ngee ann when i am in singapore. oh so happy! i am going to sign up for it!
i was just talking to a teacher about the 'wildlotus' class also led by patrick in central studio here in hk is, all the wierd poses which should be fun! but that's for advanced students. after a year i still consider myself a beginner, but a wild one! really excited about doing headstand and handstand!
yesterday i went for maurice's superpower1 (it's actually power 1, but he is tough, in his own words 'crazy'. haha). and his yin class is actually power yin! but i love it. learning to suffer, to hang in there when i think i can't. its interesting to challenge your mind against your body. its interesting to watch what happens.
ok i am going to continue to build up my core and arm strength. looking forward to class later!
p.s. meifang, wish me luck! its 22 july today.

Monday, July 21, 2008


my black cat chewed off the petals of my 120hkd hydrangea while i was out this afternoon! faint. the culprit! p.s. haha she looks like a paper cut-out against the white tiles.

leekeng's favourite shoes!

don't forget to check out the 'Feature-of-the-Week' ! we only have limited sizes on hand, for those interested, please email leekeng for details. thank you and have a fantastic week ahead! check out the WEDGES now!

have a good nite!

sorry guys for the delay and for keeping you guys up. take a good nite sleep, and tune in tomorrow morning. thanks!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kyurii 08JUL C preview!

they will be up on WWW.KYURII.COM late tonight! stay tuned!

Friday, July 18, 2008

one week again....

hello everyone! warm day here. just finished the shoot for the coming items. we are launching this sunday night. now am going to walk to starbucks to grab some lunch and read before i head off for class.
p.s. hi jo, yes. damn expensive. and guess what! this morning i woke up and discovered the hydrangea lying on the floor! one of my cats must have toppled over the vase in the middle of the night. the water from the vase is all gone, they must have drank it. thank god they did not chew on the flower, and thank god the hydrangea survived the ordeal. : ) anyway, to you and everyone else, have a nice weekend ahead!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a stalk of hydrangea

yesterday i went a little too far, i did 3 classes, hatha1, followed by power1 then gentle flow. this morning i woke up feeling a my body aching especially the shoulder blades. haha. each time after a launch, i will go crazy and cant wait to dash to pure the next day. last nite's power class, i felt deliriously happy i duno why! i was smiling in almost every asana. i think maurice might have noticed it. he was calling out at me for 5,6 times in the class. well, usually he calls out to different students, but last nite it was 'suyin, you should be advancing your pose by now, hand to your ankle please' (in standing spilt), 'suyin, you want to be symmetrical', 'suyin, bend your knees more regardless of how many classes you attended before this', 'suyin this, suyin that' hahahaha i was taking all of that in with a big, open, smiling heart! thank you maurice, for the awareness and attention given to each one of us during class.
now my mind is only thinking about going for my class later tonite. am going to take it easy tonite then with just 45mins of yin. balance is the key word. p.s. please enjoy this hydrangea i bought this morning. i thought about it for soooo long before buying as its 120hkd for one stalk. everytime i walked past the flower shop, i feel like getting one but i dun have the extra money for expensive flowers. however today i decide that i shall give up buying gossip mags (at 20hkd) for 6 weeks, in return for this flower. aw... i feel happy staring at it.

08JUL B sold out items

hello girls! for the sold out items listed below, we might be able to get extra stocks, please email leekeng if you are interested. let us know soon so that i can order them asap. thank you!

click here THIS WEEK! 08JUL B at to see the details of the items.

new basic arrivals

hi girls, don't forget to check out the NEW BASIC ITEMS for this week!

Monday, July 14, 2008

we love tassels!

good morning girls! we had just launched 08JUL B at KYURII.COM. have you seen it yet? my favourite this week has to be the tasselled vest! check out the inspirations from the runway! all taken from trend reports at hippie revival.
Emilio Pucci
Giorgio Armani

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kyurii 08JUL B preview!

new arrivals. 08JUL B up later tonite! see you later!

kyurii is planting a tree!

hello girls! thank you for your support in our eco-friendly bag! we are definitely planting our very first tree in singapore! i was searching around for a tree planting organisation which we can donate to yesterday. am so happy to find one with the singapore environment council and even happier that a little awareness is raised for the 'plant-a-tree' programme. if any of you who are considering to do something meaningful to celebrate an anniversary or birthday or just to show your love to the environment, you can go to PLANT A TREE programme to learn more about it. for those who got the bag, please carry it around often and hopefully the message will manifest. spreading the love....
for the lovely lovely illustrations seen here, they are all from sokkuan. see more of her works at IRO IRO .

Friday, July 11, 2008

kyurii x sophie black tote!

out on later tonite!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

its finally here!!!!!!

hello girls! i just cant contain my excitment anymore! actually we wanted to announce after i finished my layout, but i will just show you the photo here on the blog first. so many of you have been asking us from time to time about the kyurii x sophie black eco-friendly theme tote! we are so sorry that it took us so long, just want to make sure the fabric is good and the printing is perfect! here you go! our very first official kyurii item with our very own label! the bags says: 'SHE THAT PLANTS TREES LOVES OTHERS BESIDES HERSELF.' we revised the original quote from Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654-1734) ''he that plants trees loves others besides himself.'' we hope that by carrying this bag around, it will help remind us and others around us to love the environment we live in, and be grateful of what we have today.
to all sophie black as well as kyurii friends, you may email leekeng for pre-order. will have price and measurements up soon at! as this is special edition item, only limited quantity are produced. we hope you like it!
p.s. to sokkuan (the creator of sophie black), if you are reading, we have put aside some for you! thank you so much for your help! we love the bag!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

after 3 days, i kinda love taipa

i am back! from macau, from taipa! haha. was supposed to come back on monday but decided to stay for one more day. the whole 3 days was spent walking around taipa, looking for apartments. exhausting but kind of fun! i now know taipa really well, all the names of the 20 over apartments are engraved in my head! and i can find my way around without a map. hehe. i really enjoy getting to know a brand new place i duno why.
my job this weekend was to act as her spokeswoman (as meifang doesnt speak cantonese). hehe. i didnt know i can be this friendly to people i met briefly (or over-friendly according to my fren, but thats becos she is anti-social and when she doesnt smile, she looks fierce! haha) i actually had a great time chatting to the agents, mr tommy and mr wen. well part of my task is to leave her in the hands of a good man = property agent. we heard so much negative stuff about the agents there, it seems like we are looking for a husband (responsible one) who can provide us with decent place to live! haha! mr wen, or tommy? us thinking hard in a cafe. : )
haha i wonder who she will end up with. mr wen, the young, hardworking, slightly agressive agent from a big hk company who tries really hard to touch her with his undying patience and sincerity. or mr tommy, the older, laid back, humourous agent from a smaller company who actually teased her about her weight and could get away with it, even made her laugh.
well, no matter which man she ends up with. i am sure it will be a great beginning for her in macau! meifang, make sure there is serene space for me to do my yoga if you dun end up with a clubhouse! looking forward to visiting again! thanks to you too, for giving me this chance to discover this over-friendly side of me. : ) haha!

Friday, July 04, 2008

life just lives itself

the sun is shining brightly here. yesterday i went to the asia yoga conference here at the hk convention centre to attend some lectures. i also bought 3 books (one of them is 'Light on Life' by BKS Iyengar, really excited to find out more about his perspective on yoga and life).
this weekend i will be in macau, to visit a fellow singaporean fren, actually my ex-secondary school mate who just started her new job there after her stint at taiwan. she is in the building industry. so that should be fun! yeah! bringing my new dresses over. sleeping over at her hotel and then house hunting with her. : ) i will be back on monday.
i hope you girls have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

measurements of the dresses

hi girls, sorry that the measurements are not in as the clothes have not reached singapore yet. i just measured my dresses. here's an estimate.

length: 92cm (from strap to hem)
chestline: 40cm

length: 95cm (from shoulder to hem)
chestline: 40cm

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

go indie!

after pondering for over a day, i decided to keep 6 pieces for myself! hehe. had to eat back my words (i said earlier i will only take 2 pcs) hehe. just cant make up my mind (being an libran). 'this print is different from that', 'i dun have a dress in turquiose', 'i like the retro-ness of this one', 'but i also like the indie-ness of that one', 'empire cut is flattering', i can come up with a thousand reasons on why i needed all the dresses! hahaha. i am just terrible.

am going to wear 08JUL A-1.1 out for yoga later with the sandals. for those who got the gladiator sandals, you can match it with the dresses! btw the sandals are on their way to singapore now. you should get them pretty soon! however for those who were in our last round of pre-order, your sandals are not secured yet. i am still waiting for the extra stocks. for those who ordered early, yours is secured!
leekeng will be uploading them tonnite! stay tuned to

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the coming launch

hello girls, these dresses will be launched tomorrow. still working on them. thanks!