Sunday, August 31, 2008

back from bintan!

i got to suntan! yippee! the weather was perfect! stayed at nirwana this time, no budget for banyan tree anymore. we used to go to the beach after school really often. the good old days. it was really nice to spend time together at a beach again after so many years.
the bride-to-be, under the shade.
picking shells.
practising my toe-spreading, always find it hard to spread my toes in yoga.
friends forever!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kyurii 08AUG C preview!

hello girls! here is a preview of the new arrivals for you! this week, we manage to find a few pieces of bottoms to be included in this launch. its so difficult to find nice ones sometimes. also featuring a few frilly and ruffle blouses which i love when i want to feel all girly and feminine. : ) ok girls, enjoy the preview! the items should be up either sunday or monday. i am going to bintan tmr with my girlfriends for a bachelorette party! looking forward to the sea and sand! i want to suntan! and then off to KL next mon to visit my frens! woohoo! ok need to go pack now. you guys have a nice weekend!

Friday, August 29, 2008

yoga and dental?

hello girls, how are you doing? today i went to the dentist today. you know i am soooooo afraid of going to one and i haven't been to one for years. haha. i actually have to pray before i go, asking the universe for a compassionate, gentle and experienced dentist. indeed dr koh turns out to be exactly that. i realised that the pain maybe still there in the process, but if the doctor has kindness and compassion, you can feel it and the pain becomes bearable. you completely trust and open up to the experience. i was actually chanting in my heart my anusara yoga mantra, 'open your heart' and taking deep breaths and relaxing my whole body. what i learn from my yin class, to breathe into the pain and to let go of any tension really helps. not kidding. slowly all the recollections of my past horrible ordeals start to evaporate... oh thank you universe for sending me dr koh. i am going to appoint him as my official dentist from now on, even if i have to travel back to singapore for dental appointments, i will do that. haha.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

OM-ing to true love

one more to share today, to all yogis and non-yogis.

bon jovi chant

this morning i was having my breakfast and watching sadie nardini's online yoga classes. came across this. i remember i used to like bon jovi quite a lot! haha interesting chant. much easier to remember than the sanskrit chants. hehe : )

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

new basic items!

hi girls, to continue our love for tee and tank dresses, we added some basic versions. simple and comfortable, they are my best bet whenever i am too lazy to get dressed up. just accessorise with a scarf and a big, colourful bag and ballerina pumps for a casual, colourful look. if not, go with a simple tote and flip flops and go for the simple 'i am eco-friendly' look! don't miss the NEW BASIC ITEMS out at now!
p.s. oops leekeng just told me the basic tee dresses (except for yellow and white) are sold out, for those who didnt manage to get them, please email leekeng, if possible by friday, i will call and order more for you! thanks!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

autumn blooms

floral print will still be around even though fall is approaching, however it will be in a darker tone. here are some ideas for the different colour combination. ann dem is my favourite FW08 collection! i forgot to bring my dark coloured bottoms to singapore therefore couldnt show you the effect. but please try matching the floral tank tops with deeper shades, you can wear it under a black jacket, or match with a dark blue pin-striped tailored pants, or clash it with a maroon base floral printed skirt. giving it a more formal look! have fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kyurii 08AUG B up!

don't miss the NEW ARRIVALS at! go check out now!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

kyurii 08AUG B preview!

preview of individual items can be seen now at I LOVE KYURII group at facebook! check it out!
p.s. they should be out by tmr 22 Aug friday am! please look for them under NEW IN at even though we may not have updated the main index photos by tmr. thanks! : )

everyone's doing yoga!

woohoo! leekeng joined pure yesterday! which means baby kimi will be going for her very first yoga class next week! haha i bet she will enjoy it, good chance for her to socialise with the other cute babies and maybe get to know a few boyfriends! hehe. yesterday we attended arun's hatha 1 class, oh i wish i can stay on and do one more class. 1 hr is just not enough. i was just getting warmed up and then its over. oh i am so happy! i got my complimentary pass till the end of this month! yippee! thanks to rick muik (the manager also 'the most handsome and sweetest man' quoted by himself) you bet i am going to go everyday!
p.s. oh but i have to say I MISS MAURICE! i am missing his vinyasa flow! usually on a thursay afternoon, i am having his yinyang followed by hatha 1 class. : )

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

flowing with grace

hi i just finished shooting for the day then i did an hour of yoga. i cant show you the photos of the clothes yet, but i can show you photos of my headstand (which not many would be interested i think. hahaha) i want to shoot it but that means i have to get to my mat, into position then legs up within 10secs timer. that was kind of challenging for an inversion beginner but a lot of fun. i only managed to get 3 shots of the full pose out of about 15 attempts. now i am going to try to do it without the wall, and i want to be less wobbly when i stretched out my legs to full pose. core strength! core strength! oh i love staying upside down, letting the blood flow to my head. i stayed there for 3 mins. could even chat to my dad in headstand position just now. woo.. cool. i feel so good! last few days i felt so lethargic, heavy, bloated, muddled up (must be the over-eating and lack of daily exercise). now i feel light, clear and my inner heart shining bright!

shoot in progress

hello girls! yes i am shooting now, in singapore. we hope to get the new stuff out later this week. ok got to continue. talk later! p.s. yes you will see my hairstyle, well, its not very different. just a little messier. haha. you girls enjoy the day! : ) i am missing my daily yoga practise so much. oh anyway. om shanti.
p.s. its 4:09pm now. ah! i usually have my 4:30pm hatha class on tuesday. cannot 'tahan' already. tmr me and leekeng going to pure ngee ann for her trial lesson. anyone who is interested in joining pure, please let me know. i can refer you and hopefully get a good deal. ciao!

Monday, August 18, 2008

wavy again

hello hello! just got back from a haircut, or rather a perm. its so good to see my hk stylist here in singapore. if some of you remembered, she came to singapore to work becos her bf was posted here. se finally got a job at komachi. i am so happy becos she really knows what i want but its very expensive!! its almost double what i paid in hk. woah. i did a slight wavy perm just to lift it up a little. i dun like flat hair. anyone who is interested can go look for bobo, she did all my hairstyles you see at kyurii, including my previous short bob.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

core handstand for everyone!

I AM HOME! home sweet home. but youtube is pissing me off. it keeps pausing after only a few seconds whenever i watch it in singapore. ah!! whats wrong? no wonder leekeng always tell me she cant watch youtube properly. i hope i am able to watch it smoothly after i uploaded it on the blog. i need some revision before my inversion workshop. hehe ; P ok goodnite girls.

i did my first handstand!

woohoo!!! i did my first handstand, headstand, feathered peacock pose and shoulderstand, all with the help of the wall and my partner, lihui. patrick, the teacher was really funny, which helps make the workshop all the more fun and entertaining. i am surprised that there were actually about 60 people. i was expecting lesser. oh i am feeling really happy now. tomorrow i am going for a full day wild lotus workshop. yeah!
p.s. i have a feeling it will be difficult for me to fall asleep tonite. : P

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

coming home!

hello girls! how are you today? i am packing my luggage now! yeah tomorrow evening i will be back in singapore, eating all my favourite food! i am so glad many of you love this batch as much as i do!

Monday, August 11, 2008

fall is here....

we are inspired by one of the major F/W trends: minimalism. take a look at fall 2008 trend report: MINIMALIST TENDENCY to see whats on the runway. though its a F/W trend, we have to intepret it in our own way, given the weather. in hk, i dun think it will get any cooler till december. in sin, we would have to create our own seasons. hehe : P
i really like this batch. i hope you girls like it too! have a great week ahead!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kyurii 08AUG A preview!

it will be up tomorrow night!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

free delivery one more day!

hello girls! yes sorry for that abrupt announcement of our national day free delivery promotion. we know that some of you were not aware of it until tonite. therefore, we have decided to extend this promotion for ONE MORE DAY! please dont miss it! thank you!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Kyurii celebrates national day!

quick quick make your list, and purchase them today. don't miss it!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

i ate a pack of chips today

typhoon signal 8 today. very dark day. i did not do anything much today which means i have to work extra hard tmr and through the weekend. feel so tired.. everytime after a continuous 6 launches, i will usually suffer from a burnout. i think i am undergoing one now. i need to regain my energy soon, real soon. i also need to find inspiration.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

what are you doing?

hello everyone, oh i am feeling soooo tired. nothing more i want to do than yoga the whole day away, but i have to work. i have to shoot, but my body just refuse to budge. : ) but i am still going for yoga later. oh it seems like the rain is coming. typhoon 1 now.