Tuesday, August 31, 2010

whole body aching..

hello girls... the weather in hk is again typhoony. so stuffy the air is so still. i am having running nose again. my packing is almost done. i hope my 3 luggages to nepal will not be charged for overweight, i am pretty sure they are overweight though. oh... 2 more days.. and i can be on the flight. then i can really relax.

oh my god.. my entire body feels like its coming apart... i duno what to write but to prompt you to check out KYURII SPECIAL LAST PC PROMTION last pcs are usually hot items, so you might like to take this chance to grab some!

ok i need to go and rest.. tomorrow is last day of running errands and meeting with some friends to discuss some new ideas on kyurii. i feel i have used up every cell of my mind and body...

a hot shower is what i need now. hope to get my energy back and some inspiring tunes! i have some kyurii work to do. goodnite girls.

Monday, August 30, 2010

wall painting

today my friend posted some photos of my schoolmates painting in bodhgaya, india on facebook. looking at the photos, i wish i could join them, it would be good experience. a thangka artist needs to know how to paint on the wall too, besides painting on the cotton cloth. often, a thangka artist would be called upon to travel to places or countries where monasteries need wall painting. a wandering artist....
most of my schoolmates are now in bodhgaya painting our school monastery, shechen monastery there to get ready for the 100th anniversary of Dilgo Khyentse rinpoche at the end of this year. remember i was helping out at the opening ceremony in the beginning of the year. so now i pray hard that i am able to make it for the closing ceremony in dec. it is so therapeutic to just paint. it really allows our active monkey mind to rest. its a bit like knitting, you know.. rather hypnotic, you are doing something without using the analytical side of your mind. so relaxing for the mind, in a totally relaxed, calm, free state.
i have very fashion conscious schoolmates. haha.. like any design or art students, many of them are so trend conscious. long hair, hair bands, earrings, you name it. and anyone who has been to dharamsala would probably agree, that some tibetan guys are really good looking. they actually look like japanese guys, with their small slit eyes, lanky built. long hair. but too bad, i cant find any like that in my school. woah.... haha. will be on a look out next week when i am in dharamsala. must open my eyes big big. haha....

ok ok for now, i need to focus on kyurii work (some transformation going on which i will announce once its ready) and clearing up stuff. i dun understand why this packing seems to be endless. tomorrow has to be the last day. i just cant wait to get everything done.... and have just one thing in my mind: paint. now there is like a hundred things in my mind.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

this little light of mine, i am going to let it shine!

hello girls, i am back in hk now. 6 days just flew by.. but i am so happy this trip. i got many things done and most important of all, i got 100% support and encouragement from my family about the next 'phase' of my life - learning thangka and living from country to country without a 'permanent home' (except for singapore). 5mths in nepal, 3 mths in dharamsala, 2mths in hk and the other 2mths in singapore. it may sound daunting to some, especially my parents, i know they are somehow worried (of my 'wandering' life) but despite that, they are totally receptive and even show interest in what i choose to pursue. and being christians themselves, i truly appreciate my parents' open-mindedness about me being a tibetan buddhist and studying tibetan religious art. haha...

on a serious note, it had moved me deeply. it is really not easy to transform the attachment you have towards your kids and turn that into love. pure love that has no judgement, no criticism, no expectations, no comparison, no need to conform to social standards of what a daughter at my age should be doing. i am not even sure if i am capable of doing that to my kids.

it took me courage to walk on this path, one which is totally unique. we are all different from one another, in our own ways. therefore its only natural that we have the space and freedom to explore and discover what we are truly here for. however becos of certain social conditioning that were instilled by our parents and society and friends, from innocent unique babies, we are slowly, subtly, subconsciously moulded into adults leading mass-produced lives.

and our parents are moulded by their parents and our grandparents by their parents. therefore, i think it also took courage to be my parents. i have been away for 13 years now. and my dad told me this time that he sees the transformation in me. in a way, i also see the transformation in him. but it definitely took time. my dad has always wanted me to be a teacher, get married to all my past boyfriends, buy a house and 'enjoy' a 'stable' life. do all the things that his friends' or his relatives' daughters are doing. i can imagine whatever internal struggles i feel within myself, he also felt it. i am so happy that i held on, and he also held on. this trip, i feel i am finally, totally acknowledged for who i truly am.

one major thing i experienced for myself on the journey and also from my parents is: WHEN IT IS LOVE, THERE IS COURAGE. when it is attachment, there is fear. thank you universe, i am forever grateful.

thank you girls for reading. i am very happy to share some of my feelings here with you.

photo by kwan, my friend. i 'stole' it from her facebook.

'om mani padme hum... THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE, I AM GOING TO LET IT SHINE. om mani padme hum...'- mercedes bhaleda. a mix of buddhist chant and christian hymn. i wish i can let you listen to this song but i cant find it on youtube.

SHINE ON GIRLS! i am with you. : )

Thursday, August 26, 2010

first heroic step

hello girls... i am back in singapore. so busy.. working on my freelance job and also on kyurii. as i am going to be in and out of dharamsala and nepal for teaching and school in the next few months, i am not able to get any new stocks at this moment. however today we managed to find some new stuff lying around in our warehouse, haha.. so we have something up our sleeves coming up soon! do stay tuned.

everyday is filled with so much stuff to do from the moment i wake up to i sleep. my mind is moving so quickly. there is hardly time to unwind. the only time was that precious 3 and half hour on the plane, to rest and catch up on my sleep. i was so happy. i watched shrek. haha... now 3 more days and i have to leave for hk again to continue to pack for nepal this time and clean up the house for handing over on the 1st sep.

anyhow, for now, i need to shoot some new items that we found lying in our warehouse. ha.. and oh the items from MY WARDROBE SALE has arrived! we were packing today. so you should be receiving your stuff real soon!

today kit shared with me a quote which i have to share with you.
"I have found that you do have only to take that one step toward the gods, and they will then take ten steps toward you. That step, the heroic first step of the journey, is out of, or over the edge of, your boundaries, and it often must be taken before you know that you will be supported."
--Joseph Campbell

SO TRUE SO TRUE... heroic first step. have you taken it?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

renunication month

today i really experience for myself, the feeling of having nothing but having everything. i sold everything i listed except for my vacuum and small working table. even my plants are sold to a nice man who is trying to revive my 2 pots of mint plants. haha.. and i gave away almost everything i can give. some good design books and mags and cds to friends, blender, pillows, cushions, bedsheets, curtains to maids and their friends, tomorrow one of them coming to collect my pots and plates. to people who came to buy my furniture, i also give them some stuff.

now i have 2 luggages to bring back to singapore tomorrow, then empty them, bring them back to hk end of this month to refill them with stuff for nepal. other than that, i am reduced to 2 big plastic bags (those china red, white and blue kind) in which i am going to put at elaine's place in lamma. she is so nice... she made me cry today.

so many of my friends have touched me so much this week and last. tessy is now at my good friend, tele's place. yesterday we gave her daughter a surprise without telling her that tessy is already at her house. we picked her up from her piano lessons and then had lunch which is a fake interview in which she has to 'prove' to me that she will be a good owner to tessy. haha.. her mom's idea.

today i put the other 2 cats at kit's place. i am so so so blessed to have such great, reliable friends especially during this time when i needed help most. they are all so readily available for me in a selfless way.

and iris, my ex-boss who is giving me freelance jobs to make sure i have enough money to sustain myself.

and kym, so so so supportive always of my crazy out of the ordinary endeavors and the fantastic luggage he bought me and his loving words. and kym's family, always so kind to me. especially his mom, we had a 3hr lunch that day! sometimes it also puzzles me why i feel such close affinity to her. haha..

and this is why i feel i have nothing (in terms of material possession and wealth or in social standards) but i have everything.
all the love i am feeling this month is extremely moving and powerful. thank you universe!

ok see you girls in singapore!

Friday, August 20, 2010

a line from a book i am reading now to share..

'to dream of reaching a destination is not enough, you must pack your bags and set out on the journey.'
- from geshe sonam richen's commentary on 'the six perfections'.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

moving stress

good morning... oh girls i hope i am not losing my voice.... drinking lots of water.. honey warm water... its funny how one's voice can change overnight... i sound like a different person.. haha.. last nite when i was chatting to my friends over skype, they were all laughing and when they laugh, i also laugh.. and when i laugh, omg i sound so horrible.. like a witch! ho ho ho.. deep husky voice. they try to comfort me by saying i sound sexy. okok...

saturday i will put 2 cats to kit's place. and sunday i will put tessy to tele's house. woah.. i feel a little sad but i think its better than leaving them home alone (like last 2 months) with the maid coming in every alternate days. i feel really grateful and happy that i have friends who have been so helpful. the cats have been my biggest worry when i decide to not keep a place in hk. tele's daughter likes tessy so much. oh i pray for the cats to settle down quickly and comfortably into their new place and for everything to go well, for the betterment of everyone.

ok today marie, my part time maid is coming in to help clear some stuff at 4pm. and i have also invited junjun, my philippino mover to come in and see if he likes the old bookshelves and stuff. oh they have been so nice to me also.

ok now i am going brunch with elaine, a very nice girl who owns a shop here in lamma and will be moving to singapore.

ok one step at a time. do what i need to do now, at this moment. alright girls! you have a great day ahead!

p.s. i just checked, only 3 items left! from my japan wardrobe collection.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SUYIN's wardrobe sale - last batch!

good morning everyone! how are you feeling in the middle of the week, wednesday. my sorethroat is bad and coughing. i cant wait for this moving thing to be done and over with. i cant believe next mon i need to be in singapore. tomorrow and friday would be major packing days for me. yesterday i took the 11:20am ferry out and ran errands whole day.
- call internet company
- call tele to see if she wants to take tessy
- call kym's mom to arrange for lunch
- return hazel's call (my hk friend i met in nepal as she needs to stay in my room in nepal for a day or two next week as she cant get her india visa done in bhutan)
- call kevin to transfer my yoga membership
- call gilbert the potential who is able to take my membership to arrange to meet with kevin
- call jac to pass her my precious dharma cds and dvds
- call lau sir to do some chinese calligraphy for my freelance job
- go cwb appointment at pure
- then to central to look for chinese stamps for freelance job
- and pass books to jac
- then went and meet friends to pass some malas at 4pm and ate my lunch
- then tried to meet up with other friends but i couldnt make it.. too exhausted... coughing bad...
- i went to the buddhist bookshop to get some peace and feel recharged after browsing through some books and i bought the 'life of gampopa' so happy! i am so interested in biographies of these great masters. they give me so much inspiration which i cant find around me.
- 7:30pm ferry home, so happy.
- realized i forgot to measure the shoerack and working table for some lamma friends who are interested to buy.

omg.... today is filled with another list of these things.

also, today is the last wave of MY WARDROBE SALE! selling these cute little stuff from my trips to tokyo. some stuff from my favourite brands, jeanasis and lowry's farm.

ok girls, i am getting ready now, again 11:20am ferry out to the city! i should make some coffee now.... omg i am so ready to return to my simple school life. with only to concentrate on one or two things a day. this mental busyness is so harmful but most of us are so used to it, some addicted to it. some really love it especially with so much hi-tech gadgets now which are able to give you full assistance and support to enhance your mental busyness. eating lunch is not just eating lunch, it is eating lunch with the facebook. oh anyway. i can go on and on...

enjoy the day! i will too. transcending beyond dualities. with good, there is bad. with bad there is good. with coming together, there will be separation. with birth, there will be death. two sides of the same coin. A FACT. a simple fact which takes a lot of wisdom and maturity to respect. so lets try to go beyond dualities! then we will gradually see that nothing will affect us much... haha...

Monday, August 16, 2010

we love bags, dont we?

hello girls... i am trying to stay calm.. my teacher said working with your waves of emotions is one of the best practises. sit back and observe, look at my emotions, it comes becos someone said something that caused it to arise, or maybe due to some limited, may not be at all accurate judgements or perceptions we have on things. and many other factors that could give rise our emotions. things like moving, any major changes going on in our lives, these are situations that would easily create unnecessary emotions. and also, it is these situations that one truly practise. by not reacting. by non-doing. by just observing. seeing your own mind. just looking at it.

haha.. ok i am going to take a shower now. there is a million and one things going on now. so much that i cant even think straight. i am telling myself to take one at a time. and it will be fine.

thank you girls for your continuous support. the bags went very quickly, these are still available!
ooh i love this one, i am surprised why no one buys it yet.. haha...

this little pink one, if no one buys, i am going to ask leekeng to keep it for me. haha.. its hard letting go yah... haha...

this month is renunciation month for me! everything has to go.. even my cats! WOAH! i have to put them with my friend temporarily until i know how things would be for me hopefully by the end of this year. scary... living at the edge. everything is pending now. so much uncertainties, well.. life has always been uncertain, its just that we sometimes deny this fact. nothing is stable, everything is changing. your relationship, work, friends, the weather, even you yourself. no one can say that he or she will never change. haha am i sounding too negative? but actually i am saying all this with such positivity! haha...

sometimes a change is good. it spurs you on. it takes you out of the merry-go-round ride in which you are on for years maybe. it wakes you up. it makes you feel more alive. and makes you re-live your life with courage and dignity! isnt that beautiful? oh so beautiful... haha...i am a little crazy. i am missing my basic-wearing-the-same-old-clothes-everyday-and-eating-the-same-food-everyday-and-drawing-everyday life..... i am not fit for living in the city. too much craziness around.

ok shower time. talk later. please remember to take a look at the rest of the stuff from MY WARDROBE! everything must go!!!!!!!!!

SUYIN's wardrobe sale - my bags!

hello girls good morning! how are you today? i was down with cold and sorethroat last sat. whole body felt so weak.. i guess it must the weather plus lack of sleep. since i was back from nepal, it was work non stop. today i feel much better! ready to work again! yesterday i did some packing.... it seems endless. haha. but i sold my bed, one of my bookshelf, my standing lamp, and now i really hope to sell my chest of drawers and gas stove. ...

OK! for kyurii news! we had just added some new items to SUYIN's WARDROBE SALE - my second hand bags!!! i have so many bags. i am a bag girl. please take a look, there are some pretty precious agnes b. bags going on ridiculous prices. go now before its gone!

i really like this saddle bag, its from mango.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

pemaoser - tibetan accessories debut!

hello girls, i finally have time to finish up these layouts and launch this new line of tibetan accessories, which means a lot to me. for those who are interested in any of these items, please email directly to me at: tansy103@yahoo.com.

we will be taking orders here first before we officially launch it at kyurii website, as leekeng is very busy now with the new baby. we are very short handed at this moment. therefore, feel free to write to me directly. i am looking forward to hearing from you personally. thank you very much. i hope you like them!

i sold my books!!!

good morning girls! i am so happy so grateful and so touched by people around me almost everyday. all the love and support i received during this quite difficult but still joyful time has been most encouraging and moving. so much kindness and warm heartedness all around me. i am in pureland.. haha....

YES! i just sold about 80% of my books to a guy from scotland. he just came and collected the books. we had a good chat, i felt like i was in an interview or something. he was asking me all sorts of questions about my life, how i came to this part of my life, what i would do in 6 years time after thangka, what happened if i decided that thangka is not what i want to be doing after say one year, hahaha.. so funny.. i was just expecting some guy to come, pay and take the books but ended up sharing about life and spiritual stuff for an hour i think... and he is actually living just 2 mins away. haha what a nice co-incidence.

LIFE IS NEW EVERYDAY. now i think i can beginning to truly understand what living each day as it is, is all about. haha...

anyway. ok! 11 days more to go! i need to pack and sell as much as i can this week and next... haha.. what a new experience i am going through now.

OK updates now on MY WARDROBE SALE - 3rd wave! BELTS! thank you! the items went off very quickly. now left with only these items:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Wardrobe Sale - Belts!!!

we have added some of my old belts in! please CHECK THEM OUT! sorry i cant talk more, am catching 9:40am ferry! have a full day ahead of me, need to make my indian visa and meet a couple of friends to pass them some things and i cant remember.. ok talk soon!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what a productive afternoon...

hello girls, guess what i have been doing this afternoon.. i have emailed some pictures of my cushions to a potential buyer and taking photos of my table for another, and then typing the titles of my books and tagging them. i could only do like 70 titles.. i still have more but i am not typing them all out. i put an open house sale ad out on lamma.com and an interested buyer emailed me for the list of titles. yes after selling my stuff at kyurii, now i am working hard on selling my house stuff on lamma. the good thing about living on lamma is people on the island are really into recycling. i really love the idea! partly becos its really expensive to move furniture into lamma from the city... so people just buy from each other when they move. haha.. we should really look into this recycling idea with kyurii clothes. it got me really excited that day when i was thinking of doing a recycling program for kyurii, for us kyuriians! haha... for these kyurii-ish clothes. haha... anyone has any thing to sell? haha this whole experience is making me into quite a professional second hand item seller! professional online recycler. any term like this? haha..
the cats basking in the afternoon sun.. oh they will miss lamma... ok this fri i have some people coming in. i need to start unpacking (i still have a box of kitchen stuff which i havent unpacked from my last move. haha) and then packing up my kitchen. my clothes are more or less done. my accessories are almost cleared, only 11 items left. thank you for your support to MY 6 YEARS THANGKA COURSE FUND. every cent counts.

you have to stay tuned to SUYIN's WARDROBE SALE ok because next up are my belts!!! i didnt know i have so many belts too... omg... some only bought to match the items for shooting! so thats coming up tomorrow morning i think. bad memory... definitely soon. i will update when they are up. dont worry.

kyurii reminder:
KYURII 45% SALE IS NOW ON! items are going quickly...... and sale is ending soon.......

Monday, August 09, 2010

Kyurii: 3 items and your postage is waived!

hello girls! oh i still have about 13 days to pack up and sell my furniture to the lamma community before i come back to singapore on the 23rd this month. i am having an open house sale. from cds to kitchen ware to cushions to my bed and bookshelves and books.. i have so many books aw..... i hate to part with them but i cant possibly bring them all back. it will be too heavy and expensive to send them back. i hope to sell them to people who truly appreciate them.

anyway. ok i better get on with my packing. you know the funniest thing is, when i was still in nepal last month, i never thought that i am moving out of hk so soon.. i thought i was going to do it by the end of this year but when i returned, spontaneously, things start happening.. haha.. which is good. save me the time to worry and plan way ahead. now i just need to pack and then move. haha..

ok here are some of the items i like from the KYURII NATIONAL SALE actually these are one of my favourite launches. ENJOY! thank you!
WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!
WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

WAS S$39. NOW S$21.95!

WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

WAS S$26. NOW S$14.30!

WAS S$32. NOW S$17.60!

WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

WAS S$36. NOW S$19.80!

WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

45% SALE!!

ok girls, i am preparing for the sales now.... it will be up tomorrow morning and if earlier, i will update you on the blog! meanwhile you have a nice long weekend.. enjoy yourself!

OK! i am back, i just selected about 50 items for sale. items which i think you will like. HAPPY 45% SALE! and yes, you can save on postage when you get 3 items and more! you may combine your purchases. share this link with your friends who are not kyurii customers yet. only 3 days sale! limited qty per item, first come first served basis.