Sunday, August 22, 2010

renunication month

today i really experience for myself, the feeling of having nothing but having everything. i sold everything i listed except for my vacuum and small working table. even my plants are sold to a nice man who is trying to revive my 2 pots of mint plants. haha.. and i gave away almost everything i can give. some good design books and mags and cds to friends, blender, pillows, cushions, bedsheets, curtains to maids and their friends, tomorrow one of them coming to collect my pots and plates. to people who came to buy my furniture, i also give them some stuff.

now i have 2 luggages to bring back to singapore tomorrow, then empty them, bring them back to hk end of this month to refill them with stuff for nepal. other than that, i am reduced to 2 big plastic bags (those china red, white and blue kind) in which i am going to put at elaine's place in lamma. she is so nice... she made me cry today.

so many of my friends have touched me so much this week and last. tessy is now at my good friend, tele's place. yesterday we gave her daughter a surprise without telling her that tessy is already at her house. we picked her up from her piano lessons and then had lunch which is a fake interview in which she has to 'prove' to me that she will be a good owner to tessy. haha.. her mom's idea.

today i put the other 2 cats at kit's place. i am so so so blessed to have such great, reliable friends especially during this time when i needed help most. they are all so readily available for me in a selfless way.

and iris, my ex-boss who is giving me freelance jobs to make sure i have enough money to sustain myself.

and kym, so so so supportive always of my crazy out of the ordinary endeavors and the fantastic luggage he bought me and his loving words. and kym's family, always so kind to me. especially his mom, we had a 3hr lunch that day! sometimes it also puzzles me why i feel such close affinity to her. haha..

and this is why i feel i have nothing (in terms of material possession and wealth or in social standards) but i have everything.
all the love i am feeling this month is extremely moving and powerful. thank you universe!

ok see you girls in singapore!


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