Monday, August 09, 2010

Kyurii: 3 items and your postage is waived!

hello girls! oh i still have about 13 days to pack up and sell my furniture to the lamma community before i come back to singapore on the 23rd this month. i am having an open house sale. from cds to kitchen ware to cushions to my bed and bookshelves and books.. i have so many books aw..... i hate to part with them but i cant possibly bring them all back. it will be too heavy and expensive to send them back. i hope to sell them to people who truly appreciate them.

anyway. ok i better get on with my packing. you know the funniest thing is, when i was still in nepal last month, i never thought that i am moving out of hk so soon.. i thought i was going to do it by the end of this year but when i returned, spontaneously, things start happening.. haha.. which is good. save me the time to worry and plan way ahead. now i just need to pack and then move. haha..

ok here are some of the items i like from the KYURII NATIONAL SALE actually these are one of my favourite launches. ENJOY! thank you!
WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!
WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

WAS S$39. NOW S$21.95!

WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

WAS S$26. NOW S$14.30!

WAS S$32. NOW S$17.60!

WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!

WAS S$36. NOW S$19.80!

WAS S$29. NOW S$15.95!


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