Tuesday, August 31, 2010

whole body aching..

hello girls... the weather in hk is again typhoony. so stuffy the air is so still. i am having running nose again. my packing is almost done. i hope my 3 luggages to nepal will not be charged for overweight, i am pretty sure they are overweight though. oh... 2 more days.. and i can be on the flight. then i can really relax.

oh my god.. my entire body feels like its coming apart... i duno what to write but to prompt you to check out KYURII SPECIAL LAST PC PROMTION last pcs are usually hot items, so you might like to take this chance to grab some!

ok i need to go and rest.. tomorrow is last day of running errands and meeting with some friends to discuss some new ideas on kyurii. i feel i have used up every cell of my mind and body...

a hot shower is what i need now. hope to get my energy back and some inspiring tunes! i have some kyurii work to do. goodnite girls.


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