Monday, August 16, 2010

SUYIN's wardrobe sale - my bags!

hello girls good morning! how are you today? i was down with cold and sorethroat last sat. whole body felt so weak.. i guess it must the weather plus lack of sleep. since i was back from nepal, it was work non stop. today i feel much better! ready to work again! yesterday i did some packing.... it seems endless. haha. but i sold my bed, one of my bookshelf, my standing lamp, and now i really hope to sell my chest of drawers and gas stove. ...

OK! for kyurii news! we had just added some new items to SUYIN's WARDROBE SALE - my second hand bags!!! i have so many bags. i am a bag girl. please take a look, there are some pretty precious agnes b. bags going on ridiculous prices. go now before its gone!

i really like this saddle bag, its from mango.


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