Wednesday, August 18, 2010

SUYIN's wardrobe sale - last batch!

good morning everyone! how are you feeling in the middle of the week, wednesday. my sorethroat is bad and coughing. i cant wait for this moving thing to be done and over with. i cant believe next mon i need to be in singapore. tomorrow and friday would be major packing days for me. yesterday i took the 11:20am ferry out and ran errands whole day.
- call internet company
- call tele to see if she wants to take tessy
- call kym's mom to arrange for lunch
- return hazel's call (my hk friend i met in nepal as she needs to stay in my room in nepal for a day or two next week as she cant get her india visa done in bhutan)
- call kevin to transfer my yoga membership
- call gilbert the potential who is able to take my membership to arrange to meet with kevin
- call jac to pass her my precious dharma cds and dvds
- call lau sir to do some chinese calligraphy for my freelance job
- go cwb appointment at pure
- then to central to look for chinese stamps for freelance job
- and pass books to jac
- then went and meet friends to pass some malas at 4pm and ate my lunch
- then tried to meet up with other friends but i couldnt make it.. too exhausted... coughing bad...
- i went to the buddhist bookshop to get some peace and feel recharged after browsing through some books and i bought the 'life of gampopa' so happy! i am so interested in biographies of these great masters. they give me so much inspiration which i cant find around me.
- 7:30pm ferry home, so happy.
- realized i forgot to measure the shoerack and working table for some lamma friends who are interested to buy.

omg.... today is filled with another list of these things.

also, today is the last wave of MY WARDROBE SALE! selling these cute little stuff from my trips to tokyo. some stuff from my favourite brands, jeanasis and lowry's farm.

ok girls, i am getting ready now, again 11:20am ferry out to the city! i should make some coffee now.... omg i am so ready to return to my simple school life. with only to concentrate on one or two things a day. this mental busyness is so harmful but most of us are so used to it, some addicted to it. some really love it especially with so much hi-tech gadgets now which are able to give you full assistance and support to enhance your mental busyness. eating lunch is not just eating lunch, it is eating lunch with the facebook. oh anyway. i can go on and on...

enjoy the day! i will too. transcending beyond dualities. with good, there is bad. with bad there is good. with coming together, there will be separation. with birth, there will be death. two sides of the same coin. A FACT. a simple fact which takes a lot of wisdom and maturity to respect. so lets try to go beyond dualities! then we will gradually see that nothing will affect us much... haha...


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