Tuesday, August 10, 2010

what a productive afternoon...

hello girls, guess what i have been doing this afternoon.. i have emailed some pictures of my cushions to a potential buyer and taking photos of my table for another, and then typing the titles of my books and tagging them. i could only do like 70 titles.. i still have more but i am not typing them all out. i put an open house sale ad out on lamma.com and an interested buyer emailed me for the list of titles. yes after selling my stuff at kyurii, now i am working hard on selling my house stuff on lamma. the good thing about living on lamma is people on the island are really into recycling. i really love the idea! partly becos its really expensive to move furniture into lamma from the city... so people just buy from each other when they move. haha.. we should really look into this recycling idea with kyurii clothes. it got me really excited that day when i was thinking of doing a recycling program for kyurii, for us kyuriians! haha... for these kyurii-ish clothes. haha... anyone has any thing to sell? haha this whole experience is making me into quite a professional second hand item seller! professional online recycler. any term like this? haha..
the cats basking in the afternoon sun.. oh they will miss lamma... ok this fri i have some people coming in. i need to start unpacking (i still have a box of kitchen stuff which i havent unpacked from my last move. haha) and then packing up my kitchen. my clothes are more or less done. my accessories are almost cleared, only 11 items left. thank you for your support to MY 6 YEARS THANGKA COURSE FUND. every cent counts.

you have to stay tuned to SUYIN's WARDROBE SALE ok because next up are my belts!!! i didnt know i have so many belts too... omg... some only bought to match the items for shooting! so thats coming up tomorrow morning i think. bad memory... definitely soon. i will update when they are up. dont worry.

kyurii reminder:
KYURII 45% SALE IS NOW ON! items are going quickly...... and sale is ending soon.......


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