Monday, August 16, 2010

we love bags, dont we?

hello girls... i am trying to stay calm.. my teacher said working with your waves of emotions is one of the best practises. sit back and observe, look at my emotions, it comes becos someone said something that caused it to arise, or maybe due to some limited, may not be at all accurate judgements or perceptions we have on things. and many other factors that could give rise our emotions. things like moving, any major changes going on in our lives, these are situations that would easily create unnecessary emotions. and also, it is these situations that one truly practise. by not reacting. by non-doing. by just observing. seeing your own mind. just looking at it.

haha.. ok i am going to take a shower now. there is a million and one things going on now. so much that i cant even think straight. i am telling myself to take one at a time. and it will be fine.

thank you girls for your continuous support. the bags went very quickly, these are still available!
ooh i love this one, i am surprised why no one buys it yet.. haha...

this little pink one, if no one buys, i am going to ask leekeng to keep it for me. haha.. its hard letting go yah... haha...

this month is renunciation month for me! everything has to go.. even my cats! WOAH! i have to put them with my friend temporarily until i know how things would be for me hopefully by the end of this year. scary... living at the edge. everything is pending now. so much uncertainties, well.. life has always been uncertain, its just that we sometimes deny this fact. nothing is stable, everything is changing. your relationship, work, friends, the weather, even you yourself. no one can say that he or she will never change. haha am i sounding too negative? but actually i am saying all this with such positivity! haha...

sometimes a change is good. it spurs you on. it takes you out of the merry-go-round ride in which you are on for years maybe. it wakes you up. it makes you feel more alive. and makes you re-live your life with courage and dignity! isnt that beautiful? oh so beautiful... haha...i am a little crazy. i am missing my basic-wearing-the-same-old-clothes-everyday-and-eating-the-same-food-everyday-and-drawing-everyday life..... i am not fit for living in the city. too much craziness around.

ok shower time. talk later. please remember to take a look at the rest of the stuff from MY WARDROBE! everything must go!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hu suyin, i love what your teacher said.HOpe you can share more about this-how to stay calm, it touch my heart when i saw what your teacher said...thank you

August 17, 2010 5:24 PM  
Blogger verena.e said...

Yep. I think it helps heaps to be able to stay calm in the midst of feeling emotionally-charged to will the strong emotions away. A lot of times at work I get so high-strung I need a long time to "cool off".. :(

You've been going through a lot of changes lately! But you sound happy in your posts. Good luck with the packing and all the best for your thangka studies! :D

August 18, 2010 2:45 PM  
Blogger Suyin @ said...

hi girls,

thank you for dropping comments.
i am glad that in some tiny way, this blog is able to touch and inspire you. becos i think thats really what life is all about. being touched by authenticity and warmhearted-ness from our surrounding and its people. they are so rare to find these days especially in the city.

lets continue to inspire each other to stay true to ourselves and live authentically and in a way that is unique to ourselves.

and ultimately (and almost naturally), all these actions will bring genuine benefit to our loved ones and friends, and everyone we come across with.

thanks again girls!
stay well on the journey.


August 19, 2010 9:08 PM  

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