Monday, August 30, 2010

wall painting

today my friend posted some photos of my schoolmates painting in bodhgaya, india on facebook. looking at the photos, i wish i could join them, it would be good experience. a thangka artist needs to know how to paint on the wall too, besides painting on the cotton cloth. often, a thangka artist would be called upon to travel to places or countries where monasteries need wall painting. a wandering artist....
most of my schoolmates are now in bodhgaya painting our school monastery, shechen monastery there to get ready for the 100th anniversary of Dilgo Khyentse rinpoche at the end of this year. remember i was helping out at the opening ceremony in the beginning of the year. so now i pray hard that i am able to make it for the closing ceremony in dec. it is so therapeutic to just paint. it really allows our active monkey mind to rest. its a bit like knitting, you know.. rather hypnotic, you are doing something without using the analytical side of your mind. so relaxing for the mind, in a totally relaxed, calm, free state.
i have very fashion conscious schoolmates. haha.. like any design or art students, many of them are so trend conscious. long hair, hair bands, earrings, you name it. and anyone who has been to dharamsala would probably agree, that some tibetan guys are really good looking. they actually look like japanese guys, with their small slit eyes, lanky built. long hair. but too bad, i cant find any like that in my school. woah.... haha. will be on a look out next week when i am in dharamsala. must open my eyes big big. haha....

ok ok for now, i need to focus on kyurii work (some transformation going on which i will announce once its ready) and clearing up stuff. i dun understand why this packing seems to be endless. tomorrow has to be the last day. i just cant wait to get everything done.... and have just one thing in my mind: paint. now there is like a hundred things in my mind.


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