Thursday, August 12, 2010

i sold my books!!!

good morning girls! i am so happy so grateful and so touched by people around me almost everyday. all the love and support i received during this quite difficult but still joyful time has been most encouraging and moving. so much kindness and warm heartedness all around me. i am in pureland.. haha....

YES! i just sold about 80% of my books to a guy from scotland. he just came and collected the books. we had a good chat, i felt like i was in an interview or something. he was asking me all sorts of questions about my life, how i came to this part of my life, what i would do in 6 years time after thangka, what happened if i decided that thangka is not what i want to be doing after say one year, hahaha.. so funny.. i was just expecting some guy to come, pay and take the books but ended up sharing about life and spiritual stuff for an hour i think... and he is actually living just 2 mins away. haha what a nice co-incidence.

LIFE IS NEW EVERYDAY. now i think i can beginning to truly understand what living each day as it is, is all about. haha...

anyway. ok! 11 days more to go! i need to pack and sell as much as i can this week and next... haha.. what a new experience i am going through now.

OK updates now on MY WARDROBE SALE - 3rd wave! BELTS! thank you! the items went off very quickly. now left with only these items:


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