Monday, May 24, 2010

woohoo! i feel my energy again!

hello girls! i just finished shooting. oh today i really feel what clothes can do to a person... haha.. i have been so lazy to dress up for the past weeks actually. you know that 'just cant be bothered' feeling (dun feel like doing any things except read and sleep, thats for me).
i am sure all of us get that from time to time. this morning i literally had to pysche myself up to put some make up on (come on, get this done and then i can do my favourite things..) haha... and magic happens as i went along (psycho-ing myself)! very soon, i was looking into the mirror at my made up face and the playsuit i was wearing, thinking 'hm not bad, i look quite nice' (becos i was so not concerned with how i look lately that i kind of forgot how i look haha) and its true they say when you look good, you feel good! haha.. my energy for other things came back! hee....

i bought this cute memo pad last week. exactly how i feel today. haha... dozens of chubas (tibetan traditional dress) plus different clothes for different looks! a contented smile on my face, just like her...
and the shoot went really well with my favourite chants on! so what i learn today is, sometimes even though we feel so lazy to dress up, if we actually get past that feeling and really do it, it actually it can be very beneficial, it helps liven us up and give us the energy (which was somehow missing at that point in time). oh clothes and make up... how can a girl do without them (balanced with books and paint brushes for me). haha..


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