Monday, May 17, 2010


good morning girls! go now to WWW.KYURII.COM and check it out! thank you!

we would like to take this opportunity to say special thanks go out to juliet, lizhen, yingying, gladys,olympia, katherine, caijin, kachee, nora,melanie, natalie, karen, deborah, pei pei,nicole, avril, adeline, huishi, ain, siling,bella, lye hoon, yvonne, dana, pamela, joanne, and i am sure there are some names which we may forget to mention here (please forgive us), thank you all for your continuous support and kindness. some of you since the day we started.

special thanks to jiahui, who is our customer-turned-kyurii family member who has been helping us so much with our flea market and also day to day work. thank you so very much.

oh i feel i just concluded my oscar thank you speech. hahaha...


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