Sunday, May 23, 2010


hello girls how are you? i am finding it hard to get started on work becos my heart is yearning to be in nepal or dharamsala. to be near the friends and teachers over there. so much longing (that i am feeling a little sick sorethroat and running nose... maybe due to the weather and an overdose of buddhist philosophy..haha i am feeling fatigue) its been slightly more than a month since i got back from dharamsala (but it feels like a long time!!) i am happy here in hk but i long to go back.... my classmate just wrote to tell me school is starting 29 May. i may join anytime.

so i would either leave 8 June to nepal then maybe drop by dharamsala (northern india) in between. OR i will leave 18 june straight to dharamsala first then to kathmandu (becos jet airways has a promo on kathmandu via delhi and the food and service is sooooo good as compared to nepal airlines which i normally take to kathmandu) PLUS PLUS PLUS, the air stewards on jet look like dashing bollywood stars! tall, dark and handsome! haha... or maybe i was lucky to be served by very cute ones on my last flight hahahaa.... ok honestly they are really cute but it is not deciding factor to take jet airways for me la. haha...


Blogger jiahui said...

dear suyin sis,
great to hear from you. i miss catching up with u and even leekeng sis. im very busy these days, planning a youth camp for my religious friends plus doing up portfolios for the kids in my class. when are u coming back to sg? we miss u back here. I bet we can share many Buddhist stuffs together. i have to bring you to bras basah complex when you are back. There is this really cool cafe and another book store-awareness place there. ps: have u received the book that I given you? If not, leekeng sis is too busy to send it to u. Perhaps u can give me your address and next time round, i can mail things to u straight (and not trouble her). hehe. with plenty of misses, jiahui.

May 24, 2010 11:54 AM  
Blogger Suyin @ said...

hey dearest jiahui sis,

oh i have a book from you? thank you very much. i think leekeng is too busy la. haha.. i will pass you my address next time. i will be back in singapore in aug. yes lets go to bras basah together next time and you know i really crave for the singaporean style vege bee hoon... aiya cant get it anywhere ok.. woah!

ok you continue to work hard and play hard too. take rest from time to time. i will be heading for nepal soon. thank you for giving leekeng the support and especially after her delivery in june. have to buy you big dinner, lunch, tea, coffee when i am back.

meanwhile please take care.
hugs, suyin : )

May 29, 2010 1:47 AM  

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