Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kyurii 4th Anniversary VIP SALE!

hi girls, how are you? on a sunday night.. this weekend seems to fly. ok heres some announcement:
can you believe it... sometimes i cant. haha.. time flies! we started in may 2006. oh sometimes when i look at my posts then, it feels like i am reading about my past life or something. haha.. it has been am very enjoyable 4 years. SO WE ARE HAVING A SPECIAL VIP SALE this coming tuesday as a little way to say a big:

THANK YOU TO EACH ONE OF YOU, SO VERY MUCH for the love and support we have always received from you.

there are times which have been difficult (especially this year when the prices for everything has increased significantly; our business has been affected and we have both cut our salary to a bare basic but we are still happy) and also with me starting the thangka school and leekeng with her second child coming in june, sometimes we feel we do not know how to manage... and honestly, we have to admit we are not very good business people we realised. haha... i think with 4 years, there are many others who will be doing so much better than we are. but nonetheless, we hope to continue to try our best to serve you well. kyurii is still around only because of you. you girls are the driving force.
sending you love... i saw this leaf vine hanging down right in the middle of the path as i was rushing for the ferry. so sweet.. brighten my day. also reminds me to always have loving kindness in our hearts (especially in hard times), with a kind heart, comes the inner strength that is needed to deal with any difficulty.
OK so look out for the announcement email from miss kyurii on this VIP SALE sometime tomorrow. we have specially made some of our newer items (this month and last month) on sale for you this time! ok thank you again. sweet dreams.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

First time shopping at Kyurii, the bolero was just what I was looking for, good quality and I'm very satisfied!

Am attracted to some of the clothes but can't wear them now cos still breastfeeding and need easily accessible tees.

I think you could do with more advertising though, I only stumbled on Kyurii after many, many, many pages of Google search results...

May 18, 2010 12:15 AM  

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