Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NEW IN!!!!!!!

hello girls good morning!!!! how is everyone? here is the lovely cardigan, oh i hope you like it too. thumbs up up up!

which do you like better? white one can go with black stuff... here is the small sling bag. i think it will look really cool with a pair of worn out denim shorts and a tee, complete with shades and sandals. this week, we are having some fun with playsuits and jumpsuits. its fun to dress them up. like with a corset belt, under a jacket, over a tank top. i really like how this black tank top turns out with the floral playsuit! i also like our earlier cropped jacket over it. you may also try a black ankle legngth legging under the playsuit on a cooler day, with a wide belt. sweep your hair into a neat ponytail. go for a smart sleek look, oh yes dun forget to accessorize with that sling bag! and with black ballerina pumps i like. and also bring along a little cropped tailored jacket. haha.. ok can you visualise it? this other playsuit also surprised me. i was thinking to buy or not, i really like the fabric and the pattern. then my supplier kept telling me its doing so well i have to get it. haha... i quite thinking if you girls will like it. i think i must have stayed in the shop for a while, becos she went off to buy her lunch and when she was back, i was still there trying to decide.. hehe... and she laughed at me. so in the end, i got it. also becos another buyer came and ask for extra stocks for this jumpsuit. haha... for a change, its nice! if not its always tops and bottoms.. gets a little boring at times. and i love this one too! ok black one. nice and sexy yah.. bare back... haha... and also this one! LOVE! its like the harem pants.. actually it is. but i wore it as a tube harem dress i call it. i am going to bring this to nepal with me! but i wont wear it like this, it would be a distraction to the monks in school.. hahaha... maybe over a tank top or t-shirt, yes. we also included 2 basic ribbed tanks with a little something (then you dun have to think of how to accessorize! good for lazy people like me at times). these items are flexible to go with your skinnies or you can also wear them for work. we like items like these, totally practical.
hm goes so well with the black zigzag cardigan! haha sorry but i really think so. and with a pair of skinny. thats what i like to be in! hehe.. very me! very the 'me' in the city. not at all the 'me' in developing countries.. haha... i have 2 sides! oh... tibetan chuba and skinny jeans.
hahaha funny.. when i see myself in chuba now. so feminine... haha. ok one more jumpsuit. a sweet one in brown. this one is also nice. try it! wear something you wouldnt normally wear and discover a new side of yourself! have fun at WWW.KYURII.COM ok i am going to do my laundry and then get some groceries at the village and enjoy a great sunny day here on lamma. prayer flags flying, butterflies dancing, the frangipani flowers blooming!
have a beautiful day and week ahead girls. hugs to you!


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