Friday, May 14, 2010

Items updates!

hi girls, i went out yesterday to try to get extra stocks for this lace dress. sorry all sold out. both grey and black.
also, i checked on this broderie lace dress. also no more stocks. so hurry! this is the LAST PIECE left! this sweet dress which i love, also LAST PIECE left! dont miss becos stocks are going really fast lately over here. this one also LAST PIECE left! grab.. haha.. oh i was just told this girl blush tee also sold out, please EMAIL LEEKENG if you would like one! thank you. its friday! i know many of you are probably waiting for this day! it has been quite an exhausting week for me as well. my mind is being torn apart thinking and studying on the 3 books (a collection of Padmasambhava's advice to Yeshe Tsogyal) i just bought. i cant stop reading. i am deeply and positively stirred by what is written inside, which gave rise to many sleepless nights and finally last nite i gave in, and decided to write to teacher to ask for guidance. haha.. one of my fav past times is investigating these buddhist concepts using my own experiences (or what i hear from people around us). in this way, it gives me full conviction of how life works from a buddhist's point of view of coz. currently i am in the midst of trying to prove 'life is illusory' to myself. tough one. haha.. might sound a little boring to some of you. sorry. anyway. oh i am actually feeling a little fatigue right now as i write.. i need to just let my mind rest...

have a great weekend ahead! hugs! WWW.KYURII.COM goodies coming for our dear loyal customers. we will announce this weekend! please stay tuned ok... talk soon.


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