Saturday, May 29, 2010

shopping for pebbles

hello girls hows your weekend so far? i just got home, drenched! haha purified! the rain finally came! i feel so happy walking in the rain back home carrying a bag of stones! so heavy. haha.. after brunch today, margie and i went hiking to the other side of lamma, and on our way back to yung shue wan village, we stopped by power station beach to look at the pebbles and stones, and we end up bringing home a bag of stones each! hee.... one really looks like a ciabatta bread with one side flat! i want to paint some mantra like 'om mani padme hum' on the stones and get them blessed. mani stones make nice gifts. oh but i must make sure the tibetan letters are written correctly. haha... ok i go wash the pebbles now! talk soon.


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