Thursday, January 21, 2010

JAN B special item!

hello good morning girls! OK this very comfortable 'terry towel' hoodie will be up for sale soon! leekeng should be uploading now. stay tuned. to answer some of your questions, its considered light weight, so great for any air-conditioned places, lecture halls and wherever. also great for a sporty look. it does somehow make one feel more lively! haha i am thinking if i should bring this to nepal, i quite like this oversized jacket with skinny jeans and ankle length converse look. but maybe its too thin for the 8 degree over there. oh ok leekeng just told me its up! NEW! 0117-101 grey terry hoodie
its of the same cutting as this black hoodie we launched earlier. then last week i saw them launch a new material so comfy! so... i bought them. haha. so 2 colours for you to choose from!


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