Tuesday, January 26, 2010

almost 90 days

good morning girls! how are you? i am more or less packed. 3 bags this time becos of the bulky winter clothes. remember to send in your order for the harem pants to leekeng and i will get it for you when i am in kathmandu.
tessy met his first dog (at close range) last sunday. tessy meets latte, the hyper active jack russel. latte means rest and relax tessy. they are so curious to check each other out yet so afraid. for a second or so, their noses nearly touched. the 2 other cats were so scared they went into hiding. it was a wonderful day last sunday. i am so happy i have such good friends, they are my ex-colleages (with their family) i met in hk 10 years ago! already.. time flies. cant believe i have been in hk for a decade. haha.. tessy and latte are still saring at each other.
off we go hiking! i am bringing these hk city people around lamma. haha.. and i realised they have not much stamina! haha too many elevators in the city. yes purple we all love purple! i am bringing my dark purple down jacket to nepal. they told me its about 5-8 degree morning and night. after the very stressful day, this is how tessy looks the next day. haha!
he sat on the mousepad for as long as i work! ah!!! and he refused to budge even though the mouse was moving around his bum.
he is not only my pet, he is my colleague at work. a wierd one who likes to stare at you when you work... creeps..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

your cat is superbly cute. love cats can't hv any at home.
im quite curious abt lamma island. seems like thr r alot o nature appreciation in the cool.


January 26, 2010 11:42 AM  

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