Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

my favourite background (becos its most deserted) i dun want people to start talking about this crazy girl who goes round taking photo of herself (and at the roof). you know lamma is a small village, community living where everyone knows everyone. there is no secret. hahaha...

0109-210 white dog illustration cap-sleeve tee
0108-010 black acid wash skinny jeans
its super comfortable and snuggly. they hug your legs, very flattering! illusion of skinny legs haha..
0115-110 red sakura print recycle bag
something to brighten your overall outfit. : )

this morning i went out to get your backorders (backorders for the frilly chiffon blouse is now available), run some errands in the city get some stuff for the trip (like hot water bottle haha) then met up with eliza my good friend for coffee. i finally got to see her 6mth old baby boy (her family is stationed in beijing). oh he is such a handsome happy little boy. he keeps smiling. i am so happy for her whole family.

6 more days! counting down to kathmandu. i cannot remember most of the tibetan phrases i learnt you know. except that 'nga' is 'I'. nga ga kyi doo. is it i am feeling cold? i will check later to see if i am right. haha...

ok going to take my shower, then milo time and start work!


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