Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

warm day today here. time to put on some lighter colours. oh yes the flowers around lamma are beginning to bloom. it is pretty obvious as you walk around, you see splashes of pink and orange... lovely. KYU002-009 tiered cardigan
NEW 0111-010 stud trim skinny jeans

after working in the morning, i took the 1pm ferry out to the bank. then i asked margie to go shopping with me, to get some egg rolls and hk cookies as gifts for my tibetan friends in nepal. i took the 5:20pm ferry back. i never get tired of looking at the sky and the clouds. every day it is different. i am glad i had my camera with me today. you girls have a relaxing evening ahead. i need to go cook and then work. coz i have friends coming into lamma this sunday and then rachels coming again on mon to stay (for only a day with me, after that she can have the whole house and 3 cats to herself). that means i need to get all kyurii work done by this saturday and leave in peace and joy next tues! woohoo!!!!


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