Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kyurii updates on sold out items!

good morning girls! ok some updates on sold out items first.
i just checked, sorry this dress is completely sold out here so no backorders. (backorders now available, see latest blog post) good news! backorder for this sold out blouse is available! i am going down to collect them tomorrow. so please email leekeng to secure yours!

OK now for the other items! first of all i highly recommend this tee. but can someone tell me what is printed on the tee? haha i love it but i cant make it out.

is it some animal? when i bought it, i thought it was a horse. the mane of a horse.
but then when i was shooting it, i realised that there is like a paw-like at the bottom. hm.. any one who figured it out, please kindly drop a comment to me. ok the thing i like about the tee, is that it has some subtle print on it, great great great to match under a black jacket. you want some prints but nothing too loud. personally i find it too much of a contrast when you wear a solid colour (esp one without much texture) under a black jacket you know what i mean.. too stark. therefore the soft lines and shades on (esp that on the white version) helps to blend it harmoniously. oh whatever, thats just my intepretation. haha...
NEXT! this pair of skinny! LOVE IT! duno what else to say.. haha...
later i am going to hike with margie again.. i want to wear it out! die die... even though may not be as comfortable as my yoga pants.. dun care. haha... i like the studs which are there but not overpowering. and i like them in that pale gold colour.
this little cute camisoles are the leftovers from a japanese client. i really like the detailing. looking at the photos i think they would be nice with shorts or skirts,
office skirts you know.. esp this green one with black skirt, something to brighten the office environment. and with a cropped cardigan over it. i think it would be nice.
this pair of cotton harem is really comfortable. i quite like the bow you can tie at your waist (low waist). with that, you can simply match this pants with any simple top and look cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

from how i interpret it, it should be a dog with very long fur :)


January 19, 2010 2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello! i think it's a little long haired dog printed on the tee - like a yorkshire terrier or a shitzu :) the big black spot is its nose!
- C

January 19, 2010 3:28 PM  
Blogger Suyin @ Kyurii.com said...

OH!!!!! i see it now! oh thank you girls! yes the black patch is the nose oh... my goodness.. yes it seems so obvious now. hahaha!

thank you girls! have a great day! i am going to go feed some fishes at a nearby farm soon.


January 19, 2010 4:15 PM  

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