Friday, January 22, 2010

bodhgaya! next desired destination!

oh i love this video, oh reminds me so much of my travel adventure (esp that on the bike! haha dont tell my mom, leekeng)! after bodhgaya, then darjeeling next! maybe. my thangka art school is also at darjeeling (actually the principal is residing there, high up in the mountains drawing. how nice..) and senior students would go there to be really close to nature, in silence and paint.

those interested in traveling in india, you must watch the rest of 'MATT + NAT' travel videos. from mumbai to varanasi to goa to kerala to really energising! good vibes! oh i love that bollywood beat. it puts me in the mood of how i feel when i travel; open, free, hair blowing in the wind, totally surrendering to the unknown, doing things i have never done before, lots of laughter, mixed with surprise or shock of how things are done by a different culture, sadness, amazement, curiosity, touched, wonderment, bliss, longing for comfort and home, a wide diversity of emotions but all happening against a background of complete trust in the universe. oh i cant explain. you feel it in the videos. backpack, dirt and long bumpy rides on bad roads, i am ready to rock india this year! woohoo! haha... maybe just northern india first.

p.s oh i need to make photocopies of my passport. YES! I HAVE TO REMEMBER TO DO THIS.


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