Wednesday, January 20, 2010

feeding the fishies!

margie came back from work around 4pm and off we go! i have saved some bread crumbs from my breakfast to feed the fishies becos last tues when we went, margie said 'hey lets pretend to feed the fishes' and extended her arms out enthusiastically which attracted the fishes. they really think they are going to get some food. hm... i jokingly told margie 'you are creating expectations and then disappointments. not nice!' (i sometimes wonder if sentient beings would feel disappointments) haha... anyway so this week we decide to really feed them some bread! there are 2 orange carps, 1 yellow one and i spotted orange one and the rest are black which seem to be more hungry than the colourful ones. here is margie, redeeming herself from her 'bad' karma.. haha kidding.
yes! i wore the new skinny! hehe.... oh see margie's hand sticking out at the corner haha funny.
i love this part of lamma a lot. its call 'pak kok' village. its more remote and much quieter. the houses are further away from each other and the ferries only come once in an hour and only from aberdeen. at my side of lamma (yung shue wan village), ferries come from central and aberdeen. and ferries are frequent. looks like a turtle right the outline of the rocks. silence is golden. i really like the whole atmosphere here, this part of lamma. margie said she looks like 'chuen goo' (in cantonese meaning village girl, or in singapore, translated as 'kampong girl') in this photo. actually, in fact i think we are. sort of village girls. i think we are born in the wrong generation. i am so happy i have the opportunity to live in lamma in this life. sound of nature, the waves... such things we are deprived of.. such simple joy.
such simple things like eating a fresh apple and nose digging by the sea are enough to make us so happy. hahahaha just kidding. she is scratching a mosquito bite near her mouth. sorry marge, i am making fun of you.
while waiting for the sun to set, no one around. ok time to strike a pose. haha crazy... just want to show you how nice the new skinny is! haha...
thick clouds covered most of the sky, we are not expecting to see any sunset this evening. it had actually turned quite dark. as we chatted by the pier, suddenly a bright piercing light shone through a seam, as if to tell us that light is always there, even though sometimes we cant see it. almost as soon as i took the photo, the light once again disappeared as the sun slided down toward the horizon. the turtle continues to look up to the disappearing light as we make our way back.
another beautiful day with nature.


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