Friday, January 22, 2010

another week!

today its grey. looks like it will rain anytime. work work work!

1. hot water bottle
2. passport photos for nepal visa
3. mini flask to boil water
4. 3-in-1 milo and coffee! yes!
5. all my painting materials, sketch book, text book
6. the cookies for them
7. ah torch!!! very important note to those who are interested to travel to nepal.

NOTE: in nepal, electric failure is part and parcel of every day life. oh and it comes without warning, anytime. at times for 20 mins, sometimes longer. one time, my friend was caught in a blackout in the shower. omg. thats the worst scenario. (touch wood) maybe i should bring 2 this time, one to carry around and 1 to put in the guesthouse. there was one time when i was in my room and the blackout came, but i couldnt even make my way to my bag to take my torch out. it was so dark. there are candles in the room, but i am not as skilled as the locals who can light a match in the dark. that reminds me maybe i should have some carrots for tea later with avocado dip. hopefully my night blindness would improve a bit this time. and also i have to practise my match-lighting skills, but who uses matchsticks nowadays!!! they do in nepal, and i duno why their matchsticks are so skinny and short. i am so scared to light them you know!

8. laptop, ipod, margie's mp3, cameras
9. enough contact lense solution to last a month (one of those hardest things to find in nepal or india, last trip the travel size bottle wasnt enough)

ok back to work. talk soon.

the sun is out! i went down to get groceries. what a lovely day, the village is noisy with the lunch crowd (a mix of tourists and workers who are fixing the water system throughout the island). very relaxed and happy atmosphere. i duno what to cook for lunch. headache. i got my carrot, just cut them up, am munching on them now. the carrot is so sweet! but i forgot to get the avocado. i am having them with plain yogurt (with a dash of sugar. i never like flavoured yogurt. i like the plain ones and add little honey to it). yum. i always have a strong liking for yogurt. the tibetans would call it curd ('sho' in tibetan). its one of their staple food. so you know i am very happy in nepal (lots of yogurt in nepalese/indian dishes too) and dharamsala, curd is everywhere. i have it with the curry, with naan bread, on top of pancakes (tibetan style) with bananas, drink it as lassi, as a dessert with fruits, as part of your main meal, anything!

i am definitely tibetan in one of my past lives. haha...


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