Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kyurii last launch of the year preview!

hey girls, this is the last launch of 2009. items are available tomorrow morning! haha it is still quite cold here but we really hope to bring in some summer items for you. so braving the cool weather, i wore this! ooh i hope you like it. i wanted to shoot outside but nope.. too cold to get out. watch out for the boyfriend blazer ok! so hard to find a nice one this year, but i finally found it close to the end. right oversize-ness, right material, it still gives a slouchy silhouette which i like but at the same time it still has a shape to it.
this is the cotton tee i wore under the blazer. i lie the slight trapeze cut to it, like a A-line tee dress, with slits at the side. comes in 2 colours, its quite sheer. so wear a tank top under it. i love it with leggings!
and this inky print top with ruching at the sleeves like the earlier one in zebra print. but this one the material is more stretchable. i hope you like it just as much. i think its great matched simply with skinnies or maybe with a pencil skirt if you are at work, or smart work pants. the ruching on the sleeves are nice details to make the bland office look interesting.

OK! please look out for them and other new items tomorrow PLUS the BIGGEST KYURII SALE ever haha, on tuesday! have a great day ahead! talk later.


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