Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Kyurii What I Wear Today!

this morning i woke up at 7am. it was beautiful, i saw the sun slowly emerging out from behind the clouds. the radiating light is gentle yet it is empowering i feel. like its giving me energy for the day. it feels so good to be in tune with nature. as the sun rises, the birds are up and we awake too, full of energy to greet the day as the birds do. then as night falls, the birds return to their nests and we too retreat to a slower pace in the evening. i really hope to get into this natural cycle of things as best as i could. i am so happy and grateful to have the sky above me in this house, this roof has great energy which i know one day i will miss being up here. i had breakfast at the roof. its actually very lively up there around 7am, the birds are having great fun flying across the antennas. the hawks are already soaring in the sky above the hills in the distant. my neighbour's cat is on the deck chair at the roof licking itself. the black cat with the bell downstairs roamed around freely as the human beings are still sleeping. and i heard someone practising her vocals, she sang 'ah....' for as long as her breathe can hold, for 3 times. it was really funny initially i thought it was a strange call coming from perhaps a visiting bird. as it sounded quite sharp. haha..
09MAR C-1.2 blue short dress
also comes in emerald green last piece!
1128-009 beige sling bag
having watched the blue sky slowly emerging from the layers of clouds above my head, i wanted to wear something blue. i opened my closet and saw this short dress. yes! i quite like the match, with the blazer and a pair of black leggings and my adidas. a little preppy.

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