Tuesday, December 22, 2009

miss kyurii loves

hey girls, how are you today? its a beautiful day here today. the kind that makes me feel that mr sun is in absolute harmony with miss winter breeze. perfect date. perfect understanding between them. unspoken. when to be still, when to let the other shine. my teacher said it reminded him of the weather of his hometown in south africa. it reminded me of melbourne.

its a crowd out there in hong kong. i prefer it in lamma. i hurriedly took the 4:30pm ferry back to catch the setting sun. i am at the peak of my hibernation now, i need to return to my cave before dark... haha... kidding.

OK today i want to refresh some items. haha... when you are thinking of getting skinny jeans think kyurii! haha.. good night. sweet dreams! love to all....


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