Thursday, December 17, 2009

what are your favourite things?

1222-009 long sleeve reindeer tee i like it with leggings and running shoes.
1219-009 cap-sleeved butterfly tee sold out. please email leekeng for backorder. i am going down later to see if we can get more.
1215-009 cap-sleeved rose print tee the colours just make me feel really happy, i think it would be simple and nice with blue jeans or denim shorts. try it! i want to but i cant. today its still at 12 degree.

some of my favourite things: i like this window above the stairs leading to the roof. its like a painting.
i like this type of water colour paintings of birds. you find these in text books in the old days when there is no photography yet. i love it.. my brother bought this for me when we were shopping at nottinghill. i have two. so nice. oh great! i must be getting old.. i find myself very fond of things that are old and subconsciously drawn to comparing the new and the things of my time. this is seriously a sign of regression! haha....
and my current favourite thing to do, is practising on the shading and drawing of the 4 objects i have learnt: leaf, bud, lotus and cloud. haha i used to think to myself when i saw my father taking ages to paint that bloody realistic looking tiger face that he later hung proudly in the bedroom, 'why does he bother to do that? i can just shoot it in a sec and retouch it right to whatever tone you like on photoshop.' NOW i find myself taking ages to paint a single lotus flower. OMG... haha... and check this out. i duno when she or he left the cocoon. i would like to be more attentive when i water my plants next time, it would be so cool to see it when someone is home. amazing now he has wings!


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