Thursday, December 24, 2009

i'm yours

my teacher just forwarded this to us, let me share it here. lets celebrate the innocence and such great innate ability to learn almost anything when we were kids. keep that spirit going! merry christmas!

gosh.. you have to check his original tune here! he is a prodigy! such joyful and lively eyes! it seems effortless and i am sure it is for him. oh its such a joy to see a child doing something which he himself enjoys so much and is good at. credits to the attentive and observant parents who help bring out this hidden talent. maybe very musical parents too.
oh sometimes i think its so important to develop an interest or an area which we feel deeply for. something which keep our hearts alive. when you feel alive, this liveliness. such pure joy naturally arises. joy that doesnt depend on any external material. i feel.


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