Monday, December 28, 2009

get ready for tomorrow!

hello girls, how is everyone? temperature dropped last nite again over here. it is freezing now. yes biggest sale ever. leekeng is currently slashing the prices on the items.. haha.. she just told me. pls watch out for those LAST PC! items (they are usually popular items which might be sold out earlier) we are giving them a double slash in prices.

haha.. i have a picture of leekeng like zorro in my mind now haha.. in her mask, slashing with her sword. hm... its not your usual friendly girl next door image... sorry buddy. haha but the way you talked about it 'i am going to slash the prices!' just now, you sounded 'ruthless'. nice. haha...

last nite my friends came over and make such a sumptuous dinner. oh i feel so fortunate to become friends with 4 lovely yoginis this year who are so kind and sweet to me. today i am back to work (oh and i am so glad my 3 meals for the day has been prepared too, food set aside from last nite, which helps me save quite some time so i can concentrate on work.) anyhow, i hope you girls are doing well. 4 more days to 2010! i am counting down....

OK FOR NOW! here are the items from NEW IN this week!
haha i have this thing for fringey jackets and furry vest and to find a light weight one which you can wear it out at nite in singapore, and especially during this festive season, oh i cant help but buy it. hee... wear it over the gold foil short dress with leggings. i think it will be nice. i was too lazy and cold to change into it to show you in the photos. haa..
1229-009 very comfortable loose fitting cotton pants i also tried wearing it like a baggy capri, pulling the pants higher to my calfs. i think the calf length looks better with heels (open toe would be nice) and a blazer on top. dressing it up by a teeny bit. oh plus a nice handbag.
1228-209 pale yellow tie shoulder cotton top play around with the sleeves, you may tie it loosely as shown here.
1228-109 sheer white tie shoulder cotton top or tie it tighter to turn it into a sleeveless tank top. like the roman goddess. haha.. try wearing it drop waist with a loose belt round the hip match with skinny jeans. i think it would be nice too.
ah this is the boyfriend blazer! well its not totally one, which is why i like it. it is not as overly slouchy or oversized. you know what. i think it looks great over a dress with leggings, plus a little sling clutch. this would definitely be my friday work outfit. i just love it! oh i really hope you girls also like this kind of look. am i getting a little too overpowering and emotional here.. haha... 1231-009 suyin's favourite blazer of 2009 haha.. yes i am a little over the top here. i dun care! oh also, its super well made. worth every cent. hahaha!!!!

1232-209 stretchable long sleeve top comes in white and black.
1233-009 slight wetlook legging dont miss this one too. i bought this becos i wanted to have a wetlook legging but not want it too over the top. i saw many which are overly shiny. and also i wanted one which is textured but again, not too obvious in the texture. haha very fussy. finally i saw this one.
i actually didnt really like the zip when i bought it, but after i took the photos, i think its adds a little detail to it. if not it will look just like another one of my black leggings. you know how after a while, you look at your closet and realised you buy things that end up looking similar. haha...
yes we are going to try our best to start introducing the summer items prematuredly. its been quite a difficult time for buying but i managed to find some items which i like. simple, no fuss items like this one. i love the 1234-009 strappy neckline great for those to flaunt those nice shoulders.

p.s. hi girls, pls note that the sale does not apply to the items launched this month. thank you.


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