Monday, December 21, 2009

Today's launch!

enjoy girls! i love this little dress! hope you do too! great light weight jacket to put on when you are wearing something plain like tank and skinny, i like to layer this on and make the whole look more interesting. you can wear it either with the collar draping or unzip it and wear it simply as a cropped cardigan.
go now and browse through the new items!
i think this lace tank top is great to go under your work blazers. i would also just wear it out on its own with skinny for a fun night out! oh i wish i can wear these now.. but i have to wait till it gets much warmer. human nature, when its cold we long for the warmth, when its warm, we wish for the cold. haha...
have a lovely holiday week ahead!
oh yes, the parka is also available now! great for a rainy day.


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