Thursday, December 31, 2009

thank you 2009

hey good morning girls! last day of the year. how was your 2009?

2009 has been a very significant year for me, filled with inspiring trips and meeting of many important and influential people in my life. specifically it was from march onwards, life unfolds at a tremendous speed, revealing many 'secrets' haha.. to me. i was reading my journal the other night dated sometime in aug, i felt like so much has transformed since then. in retrospect, it feels as though life has finally taken some kind of shape for me. like the soft clay, after spinning on the turn table for some time, the unwanted and unnecessary edges pinched away. true qualities remain and acknowledged. and now i feel it is ready to be put into the kiln. the beginning of another phase.

yes i am ready to live as a vase! hahaha or maybe bowl.

end of the year is always a good time to tidy up (physically as well as mentally too). the good important things you have learnt from 2009, take them into the new year as your wisdom. the rest which do not serve, trash them permanently.

i wish all of you a very happy 2010. more so, having the courage and confidence to do the things that make you truly happy. to some of us, that might mean having to make some changes in an already well-established pattern of living or working (comfort zone that is). with a bright smile and the sun always shining, there is no fear.


p.s. to all the wonderful friends i met in 2009. thank you margie, rachel, harriet, miranda, roni, evelyn, neil, makino, tenzin d, sonam, geshe dorji, alvin, faith, yangzom, marieke, tashi, tenzin and fred for friendship and love.


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