Monday, August 24, 2009

Kyurii New In Preview!

hm.. why this week no one asked me for a preview? haha... anyway here it is! we are continuing with our love for embellishment! following sequins, this week, we have zips and studs! we have also included some long slouchy cardigans which are your requests. they go well with the skinnies, and i like a simple rectangular cotton sling bag along with it. alright girls! new arrivals up tomorrow!
ok i got to to continue with work. ooh.. non stop work for me today from the minute i jumped out of bed.. my neck aching now.. haha... i have prepared tidbits for tonite and also tomorrow night. yes! i bought a pack of 'you-can-only-find-it-in-singapore' spicy tapioca chips and a pack of murukku.. i am all ready for the nite! as if i am studying for some exams.. music and tidbits to keep me company. haha....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what time tmrw????

August 24, 2009 11:30 PM  

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