Tuesday, August 18, 2009

nature in singapore

hello there! i woke up today missing the birds (instead of the birds chirping, i heard the horn from the bicycle of the man who collects old clothes. haha), the butterflies, the toads, the ferns and the wild nature in lamma. so i decide to see if i can find some nature in singapore.. over the internet. and hey! i am rewarded with so many fantastic blogs dedicated to nature, from a group of fellow singaporeans. i am so happy. i first googled for 'wild singapore' and wow i found 'the wild shores of singapore' website and from there, i found a group of nature lovers. i think i might write to one of them and see if i can join them to explore pulau semakau.. when i saw the photos of the ferry rides on kok sheng's blog god's wonderful creation , i really miss my daily ferry rides. its the most convenient way to be close to nature. haha.. check this out girls.. beautiful marine life in pulau semakau.
nemo!!! my favourite cartoon..

oh this must be coolest looking whatever it is.. maybe he has a degree in graphic design. haha.. so cool.
close up of nemo!
heart shaped cockle (to my hk friends who love our singapore cockles, sorry i dun think this is edible. haha)
arent we fortunate to be with nature.

great! i found my bhajan and my nature community here.. ok let me contact him and see if there is any trips to semakau soon...


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