Monday, August 17, 2009

i am getting some bells

good morning girls! i just found this video of Katie Amrita singing.. i duno who she is. but her styling and everything i feel its so me. i totally love her blouse and that huge mala necklace round her neck... great! now i can visualize myself with a guitar and singing (oh girls you know leekeng and i used to teach ourselves guitar when we were in school. haha) but i think i better go learn that 4 major chords again... or better still, go find myself a very talented john lennon lookalike guitarist to back me up. haha.... then i can just focus on the singing and maybe some the percussion instruments, like the tambourine or maybe the bells. cool. once i am back in lamma, i am going to get the bell bracelets (i saw one shop selling it) which can be worn round your ankles. yes i like that. thats better than a guitar. yes! now, can you girls visualize me singing in a satsang, maybe we can have a kirtan for kyurii customers.... kyurii kirtan. cool. any chanting bar around? raw, simple set up with cushions, rugs and candles (like haji lane) singing and chanting.... a modern hip bhajan. i wonder if anyone know any bhajan/kirtan group in singapore? maybe i should go little india to investigate....

YES! i just found one! the sai sathya sai society, they have a very active bhajan, they even have english and chinese bhajan. very cool. i am going for their next session.


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