Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My favourite item this week!

this is my personal favourite this week! hee.. becos it is simple. sometimes you know i just want something simple, loose fitting and comfy. i love the soft cotton linen mix. i like it as a little dress, with or without belt but it has to go with gladiator sandals which is slightly above the ankle.. mm yes that would be perfect, i like them in brown leather. haha. i hope you like it too! i also like this one with the studs but i cant decide which colour i like more. haha.. i quite like the magenta becos sometimes i always only wear earthy colours or monotone, its nice to have some bright colours.....

but on the other hand, i like the white too.... mm... i am a libran = indecisive. hahaha..
i just like the combination of white with denim blue.. plus some ochre leathery stuff somewhere....


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