Sunday, August 16, 2009

i am back in my other home

hello girls, i am back home, the home in singapore. i have decided to take it nice and easy this trip. working and discussing kyurii with leekeng. we are in a situation now where we think we need to find someone to invest, if we want to expand. you know we have so much ideas for kyurii but we need the capital. there is so much potential but going into our third year, its quite a tough time for small business.

i was watching about how amazon grew from their garage in seattle on the plane. the road is tough. and the advice given is: grow big fast. yes both leekeng and i feel its time we grow to provide better service for our customers. but being first time entrepreneurs, we are at a loss at times. oh headache... we need a business consultant, anyone know any kind and compassionate mentor to guide us in terms of business? people like george kuek, you know that breadtalk guy.

on the positive side, i think we have been really lucky. many small businesses may not even survive through the first 2 years but we somehow made it through. you know leekeng and i often remind ourselves, no matter how big we get in future (hehe..) or whatever happens, we must not forget how customers like juliet, lizhen, jiahui (who became part of our kyurii family), siling, adelene and many others whose names i did not mention here, gave us your support and love all the way from day one. for without this, how can there be kyurii.. thank you. forever grateful.

i was just looking through my blog.. i feel kind of proud of ourselves. i cant believe we actually did all these you know. out of nothing, came the idea and then we gave it a go, and today we are still at it. hey buddy, thanks for all these hard work. i am so damn proud of ourselves and the energy and spirit we have. shine on! gosh my hair grew with kyurii. haha..
i am actually half way through shooting now, waiting for the battery to be recharged. this coming launch, it will be monotone. sleek and cool. i had fun trying to do some yoga while posing! haha.. if time allows, i will show you some pixs later! haha... \

ok you all have a nice weekend ahead. find some time to relax and rejuvenate. take good care of ourselves so that we can take better care of those around us. enjoy!


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