Wednesday, August 26, 2009

to bella

today leekeng forwarded me your email! haha you actually got that quote tattooed on your leg! so cool! i love it! even though the photo is really tiny i couldnt see properly but it sure does look good!

''silence has a voice. the rest of the things you hear are only noise.''

wow now you will be carrying this message with you wherever you go. i really like this line becos it reminds me that whenever i feel troubled, frustrated or sad, sometimes all i need to do is to be willing to sit with myself and remain silent. from this stillness, our innate wisdom naturally arises. and i will know what i need to do next.

you know in a way your email came at a right time. i have been too 'active' and 'noisy' lately. i am due some quiet 'suyin' time so thank you.


Blogger TwOOfs said...

hi suyin,

well thank you to you. this is a simple but strong message. been trying to add 1 more tattoo to myself but can't find anything suitable until now :P


August 28, 2009 4:45 PM  

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