Monday, August 24, 2009

Kyurii Backorder more updates!

hey girls! good news! we just managed to get extra stocks in for the owl sequin tee, which so many of you asked for when it was launched. and also that mini sequin vest.. yes yes.. we know everyone is going sequin crazy this fall yeah! haha.. oh even leekeng is still not aware these items are available for backorder so first hand news here!
also, we got in extra stocks for this lovely ruffle front zip up one-piece! please don't miss out this time.. haha we actually just 'snatched' it from another buyer through the phone. haha becos that buyer reserved it but didnt show up, so hehe.... i got it! thanks to my dearest supplier now more like a friend. all these backorder items will be updated on the website soon! thank you.

p.s. dear customers, we know that many of you have feedbacked to us that its sometimes very difficult to get the items you like, they are always sold out quickly. leekeng and i are aware of it and we are trying our best to always get a second round for you. thank you. hugs.

haha you know i feel like a broker or something for clothes, when i called up my suppliers just now. 'yes i want 5655. i am taking that! what about 6762? ok reserve for me, also check that item 0287. when? this wed? ok get back to me asap.' all said in a very hurried tone.. you know hk people, they talk so fast.. my adrenaline pumping whole day today. i think leekeng can feel it. hahaha i sent her like dozens of emails today.. haha...


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